A Message From Someone Who Cares

“We care about you and are concerned that you may have been impacted by the recent weather. If we can be of any help, please call.”

A bit dry, but still a comforting message. Especially for a Floridian in the midst of an active hurricane season.

Was it from Chuck and Stacey, my friends from college? My aunt and uncle up in Cincinnati? The local Red Cross?

No. It was my credit card company rushing to my side in my supposed hour of need. The message popped up when I was paying my bill online.

Curious, I called in. And found out that if I lived in a hurricane-affected area (not yet, knock on wood), I was eligible to pay my bill late this month. And, by the way, I could also defer it for several months. For a small fee, of course.

That’s some stylish marketing. The way the message is written pre-qualifies anybody who calls in. It’s a great way to present a service the company’s customers might need.

You may think it’s a little too smooth. But nobody is naive enough to think their credit card company is going to be 100 percent charitable. They know what they’re getting into when they call.

Look at your business. How are you framing your marketing? Do you ever “help” your customers? Provide them with free valuable information or services in addition to selling them something?

The companies that strive to make their customers’ lives better will be the ones that prosper in the long run.