A Little Personality Goes a Long Way

Getting people’s attention is a big part of success in the business world. As Internet marketing expert Yanik Silver says, “If you want people to remember [you] and keep coming back again and again, [you have] to project a unique personality.”

You can develop a distinct personality for your business in thousands of ways – some of them very small. Take, for instance, a Holiday Inn Select I stayed in recently…

Instead of providing hotel guests with ordinary “Do Not Disturb” signs to hang on their doors, theirs say something like, “I’m much too comfortable to answer the door right now. Please come back later.”

Not only is the hanger fun, it reaffirms one of the big benefits Holiday Inn is trying to convey with its brand – luxurious comfort. It fits in quite nicely with the plush beds and large rooms.

According to Yanik, your personality should be “plugged into every nook and cranny” of your business. That extends to your website, your e-newsletter – and even details as small as your door hangers.

Take a look at your business. Where can you add more personality?

[Ed. Note: What are some things you do to make your business personality pop? Let us know right here.]

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