A Good Place to Find Partners

A few months ago, I thought I’d found a great new partner to promote one of my sideline businesses: The International Sketch Comedy Championships. Through a friend, I was introduced to a former “A list” actor. He’d had starring roles in some big hits 20 years ago. And I was sure his clout could help take the event to the next level.

Unfortunately and probably not uncommon in Hollywood, he bailed.

Nevertheless, I was sure my idea to find a partner with industry “mojo” was sound. So I advertised on a website for the entertainment business. Sure enough, I got a response from someone who owns a large comedy talent agency. He has many relationships with television networks and folks in the business. Our interests were a good fit. So I have a new partner. He has the connections to make my event bigger and better. And, most important, more profitable.

If you need a partner for a specific industry, a trade publication or website can be a great place to find them.

There are trade publications and websites for almost every industry and niche. Many of them offer some form of classified advertising. In my case, the posting was free. But if there is a charge, it will usually be minimal.

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