A Good Movement

Amazon recently reached a milestone, selling more e-books than hardbacks in the past three months. And since they lowered the price of their e-book reader, the Kindle, from $259 to $189, its sales have tripled. Not only that but Barnes & Noble, the nation’s largest bookstore chain retailer, reports a “big uptick” in its e-book reader, the Nook.

This confirms a trend I’ve been watching in my corner of the publishing industry. Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with the idea of electronically delivered information.

Five years ago, you might be able to sell newsletters and books via Internet marketing. But you had to deliver hard products or your refunds would go sky high. This, I think, is no longer the case.

And it’s a good thing for those of us who sell information. It means that many of our products can be delivered by e-mail instead of in printed form. This can save a lot of money — thousands, tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands for big companies. And remember… every saved dollar drops to the bottom line.