073 – Internet Hack to Turn Your Business into a Cash Machine

73 - Internet Hack to Turn Your Business into a Cash Machine
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It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, if you use the internet, you’ll be able to use today’s secrets to turn the internet into an ATM spitting out cash. Bedros Keuilian and I reveal the hidden profit centers in your business that can only be accessed when you follow our step by step suggestions.

What’s the best way to use videos right now?

There was a time when, as entrepreneurs, we were marketing with words, meaning words that were printed on a website, words that were printed on a flyer, words that were printed on a postcard direct mail piece, and when you’re marketing with words, it’s very one dimensional.

When all of a sudden if you meet someone, the marketer behind those words, and you get to see their passion and their and their purpose, and you see the fire in their eyes and why they started that business and why they think it’s the best product out there, you really begin to fall in love with the product and the brand.

Videos now allow us to do that without ever meeting the man or woman behind the brand. Anyone that thinks that, well, others are doing videos, but I’m not good enough or qualified enough, or I don’t think I’m ready, you are leaving a tremendous amount of money on the table because you’re not closing prospects who could easily be closed once they hear your reason why you created your product or service or widget.

So where videos are concerned, it’s not a suggestion, it’s a prescription.

Youtube is the second biggest search engine.

If your product’s not found on YouTube, it’s not found period. Where else can you create a series of shows or videos that showcase your product, put out the testimonials of client usage, explain your reason why, your vision, your mission with the product?

Instagram TV vs. YouTube

You’re able to put longer content on there, but I realized that contributors are actually limited to the amount of content they can put up there. I’m limited to a 10-minute video on Instagram TV right now with my 15,000 followers.

Instagram is trying to become a network just like YouTube and Facebook and all these other platforms and, it’s giving us the opportunity to become a show. I say go all in on it because I noticed when I’m making my IGTV episodes, it has given me broader reach and I think it’s forcing it upon my audience because that’s what Instagram wants people to see right now is longer videos.

It wants to create a YouTube type experience and make itself a network. And what do we know about networks? They want shows that are episodic and branded on a theme.

Listen, video, video, video, video, video. That’s the future.

It has been the future for the last five years. You got to get in on the game. It’s going to be a game changer for you. This man’s doing it. I’m doing it. You’re going to do it too.

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