6 Easy Ways To Add More [Healthy] Fat

“6 Easy Ways To Add More [Healthy] Fat”
By Daniel Woodrum, CTT

1) Eat Sardines – This “health food in a can” is easy to find at any grocery store, is portable, and can go with pretty much anything. I prefer to put a can of sardines over a bed of spinach and I’ve got super high protein meal. One 3 ounce can contains about 840mg of Omega- 3s.

2) Extra Virgin Olive Oil – There are two important components in olive oil – the monounsaturated fat and the olive phenols. Phenols are plant compounds that offer tons of health benefits. The only problem is they are pretty much destroyed by high heat. Luckily, extra virgin olive oil is pressed without chemicals or high heat so the phenols aren’t destroyed by processing.

3) Eat the WHOLE egg – The yolk of the egg contains great fat, but more importantly it contains nutrients such as choline (brain power) and lutein (for the eyes). These nutrients are far better absorbed with fat (not the egg white). This is one reason why hard boiled eggs on a salad are so great. Just be sure to use free range eggs if at all possible.

4) Tuna in Olive Oil –Avoiding the fat (olive oil) means you are losing a bit of the omega-3s in the tuna. It’s much better to get the tuna in olive oil Sure, you will get a bit more calories, but that pales in comparison to the added bonus of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat.

5) Start using FULL FAT Yogurt – Almost all non-fat versions are filled with sugar and other preservatives. Not to mention the fact that you are eliminating a macronutrient (fat) that keeps you full and satiated. Yes you will be cutting a few calories, but you’ll be adding in sugar which is a terrible thing. New research shows that dairy fat actually offers excellent health benefits including improved fertility among women. Other studies show that vitamins and minerals in dairy are easier absorbed with the presence of fat.

6) Try Coconut Oil – Coconut oil contains fatty acids that are great for the immune system. The fats in coconut oil are known as MCTs (medium chain triglycerides), which tend to be burned for energy. It’s one of the best oils for stir-frying, which happens to be a favorite of ours. We use coconut oil in stir-fry, on our eggs, or even a tablespoon in our morning smoothies. This is perhaps the best source of saturated fat. Just be aware that it is around 100 calories per spoonful.

Dani Woodrum, MCTT

Daniel Woodrum is the Director of Turbulence Training and co-owns two South Carolina Fit Body Boot Camps with Early to Rise Editor Craig Ballantyne. Daniel lives in Charleston, S.C. with his wife, Brittney, and together they are on a mission to help the town of Charleston lose 10,000 lbs. by the year 2020.