5 Steps to Escape Your Mental Prison

I received the most wonderful phone call today from a client. I tell you in a minute why she called, but first here’s her story… maybe you can relate:

Katie had struggled for years with her diet, self-worth, and damaging internal monologue. She, like so many of us, had mistakenly tied her worth to her weight, clothing size, and body shape.

As an athlete and hard-core exerciser it was impossible for her to see that she was pushing her body too far. The red flags were waving but she ignored them, afraid to stop working out and playing sports for fear of gaining weight.

When the news came that she must have her hip replaced, she was devastated. Forced to back off the physical activity, she turned to food for comfort.

A nasty, insidious relationship developed and she found herself trapped in a cycle of over-exercising, incurring debilitating pain, being forced again to back off, eating to fill the void, then returning to intense exercise to “atone” for her food choices.

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She needed help — a lifeline — to pull her free from the vicious cycle she’d created. But she didn’t know where to turn or how to begin.

It was around this time that our paths serendipitously crossed. Through my coaching I was able to open her up to the idea that she’s valuable, precious, and worthy of respect… simply because she exists!

This message was a beacon of hope for her and we began our work together.

Though she describes her journey as “slow,” she also now recognizes it has been one filled with perfectly timed enlightenment and transformation. If the journey had gone any faster, she wouldn’t have been ready to really receive the message and make the necessary changes.

So, when I answered the phone and heard her voice on the other end saying:

“Thank you for opening me up to mindfulness, intuitive eating, and self-love”

… I was overjoyed as she shared her success and I was touched to have made an impact on another life. It sparked this email, so that I can share with you this same message of hope.

Here are 5 steps she took to break free from shame, guilt, doubt, and fear:

  1. Start paying attention — to everything you think, say and do
  2. Stop judging everything as good or bad — all of life is an experience offering information and opportunities at every turn
  3. Choose to listen to your body’s signals — for food, rest, activity, sleep, play, connection and introspection
  4. Restore your heart and mind — with loving, respectful, and compassionate words that encourage who your are and who you want to be
  5. Step into action — according to your new way of thinking and being

Transformation takes time, yes. But it can start today. YOU can start today. You can see changes immediately.

If you resonate with Katie’s story or have a cycle of your own that you’d like to break reach out to me on Facebook. If you know someone you think needs to read this message, forward it to them… I’d love to connect and help guide you or someone you know and care abour to the freedom, health, and happiness you seek!