5 Days Redux

As I write to you today, it’s been about a week since the Early to Rise team and about 70 new Internet business owners wrapped up our 5 Days in July Internet Business Building Conference in Miami.

The first thing conference attendees learned to do was some market research. As a result, they can be sure they will be selling products that customers actually want. (A lot of would-be entrepreneurs get this backward.) Then they learned how to create products quickly and easily. They put a website for their business live on the Internet… wrote ad copy… and discovered more than a dozen free ways to drive traffic to their site.

But all that effort would have been useless… if not for the business model that tied all the technology and strategies together. It’s the behind-the-scenes mix of old and new school marketing responsible for the success of Agora, Early to Rise, and other online ventures “in the know.” And as any of the conference attendees can tell you, it was easily worth their price of entry alone.

For most would-be Internet entrepreneurs, it remains an elusive secret. And their businesses will be stalled until they can learn it. That’s why it was the centerpiece of this conference. And why we brought in the very same experts who use it every day to teach it.

If you couldn’t make it to the live event… you won’t miss out. You can still learn this secret business model.

The entire conference was professionally recorded. And we’re making it available on DVD as a home-study course.

To get your copy of this program — which is, by the way, at a 90 percent discount to what conference attendees paid — go here.