3 Simple Strategies for Increasing Your Luck

Do you know somebody who seems to have the best luck in the world?

It’s like everything they touch turns to gold. And it doesn’t matter if it’s in their business or their personal life, they just seem to have luck on their side all the time.

I can add myself to that list. Because I consider myself to be EXTREMELY lucky.

I’ve built an eight-figure business, married the woman of my dreams, and have two beautiful daughters who are healthy and happy.

And along the way, I’ve had lots of lucky breaks – things that just sort of “happened” and ultimately made me become more successful. But I just didn’t wait around for luck to find me. I went out looking for it.

Here are three things that have always helped me increase my luck:

1. Get out there. I’ve found that luck stems mostly from opportunities, and the more you put yourself in front of others, the more opportunities you’ll have. So don’t be an introvert. Meet new people. Shake their hands. Look them in the eye and find out more about them. This will increase your luck exponentially.

2. Go with your gut. I can’t count how many times I’ve made an important decision based on a gut feeling and it’s turned out to be the right one. So follow your instincts and go with what you feel is correct. More often than not, you’ll see your luck increase.

3. Grab the silver lining. The most successful people I know don’t wallow in misery when their luck goes sour. They find something positive in the situation and focus on that. And guess what? They always turn their fortunes completely around very quickly. You can do the same.

Those are a few of the strategies I use to bring more luck into my life. Apply them to your life… and watch your own fortunes rise.

[Ed. Note: Rich Schefren – one of the world’s best small-business strategists – knows a thing or two about what it takes to be successful. The businesses he coaches have done over $500 million every year – piling up more than $1 billion in sales every two years. Visit his blog to learn how to streamline your business while skyrocketing profits.]