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Month: July 2009

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Month: July 2009

Building a millionaire mindset

5 Steps to Building a Millionaire Mindset

By Craig Ballantyne | 04/24/2023

Michelle and I were recently talking about why two people – each with the same amount of sales and marketing knowledge – can have two wildly different levels of success in business. These two people can both know… But one of them will struggle while the other makes seven figures.…

How to Find the Right Business Coach

The 5 Keys to Finding the Right Coach

By Craig Ballantyne | 04/21/2023

There are two things you need to do to be successful in life. One, find a coach. Now. Two, find the RIGHT coach. When you’re ready to get the mentorship to take life and business to the next level, use these 5 criteria. They spell the difference between inching forward and leaping toward wealth and fulfillment.


Unfinished Business and Strange Advice

By Craig Ballantyne | 04/20/2023

Over the past several years, I’ve come to a strange conclusion. I believe that everyone would be better off if they stood up in front of a crowd and admitted their biggest mistakes, flaws, and embarrassments. Then, with that out of the way, they could get on with being completely…

10 Habits for Success

If You Don’t Start These 10 Habits, You Won’t Be Successful

By Craig Ballantyne | 04/19/2023

Success isn’t about luck or chance. It’s about intentionally creating a path and following it—until you’ve achieved every goal. These are the 10 habits that made me successful, and are the key to your own success.

is the 5 am club the worst idea ever

Is the 5 AM Club the Worst Idea Ever? Read This to Find Out

By Craig Ballantyne | 04/18/2023

Is waking up at 5 a.m. a prescription for guaranteed success or a dangerous path to burnout and failure? Read this article to find out.

Business coaching can help you!

Business Coaching & the 5 Pillars of Entrepreneur Transformation

By Daniel Woodrum | 04/17/2023

Business coaching is a valuable tool that can help someone succeed in their business and their personal life by providing guidance, accountability, and support.  Whether you are an entrepreneur trying to establish a new business or a seasoned executive looking to improve your leadership skills, business coaching can help you…

Life-Saving Accountability

10 Accountability Questions That Will Change Your Life

By Craig Ballantyne | 04/13/2023

Life has ups and downs, but nothing should get in the way of your high performance. Nothing, that is, if you have someone to hold you accountable. Here’s why you need that “check and balance” to ensure success.

5 tips to build your brand

5 Tips to Build Your Brand and Grow Your Profits

By Craig Ballantyne | 04/11/2023

Want to build your brand and create EXPLOSIVE growth in your business’s revenue this year? Then click here to discover my 5 brand building tips for 2019.


Emotional Regulation: A 3-Step Process for Making Better Decisions

By Gavin McHale | 04/10/2023

How Emotional Regulation Landed Me a $15k Client In the early days of any service-based business, I think everyone makes at least one mistake in bringing on a “so-so” client simply because they’re willing to pay money. For me, that client was JB. Several red flags showed up early, like…

why a mentor your key to success

How to Find the Right Business Coach or Mentor to 10X Your Results in Life

By Craig Ballantyne | 04/5/2023

Click here to discover my bulletproof strategy to find the right coach or mentor so you can 10-100X your results in life or business 10X faster.

The Perfect Morning Routine

How to Have the Perfect Morning

By Craig Ballantyne | 04/4/2023

The secret to productive, priority-focused mornings is not a secret—in fact, the idea of a Morning Routine goes back generations. ETR Editor Craig Ballantyne unpacks this age-old wisdom, and how you can use it to win your days.

Stop anxiety

3 Steps to Stop Anxiety From Stealing Your Dreams

By Galel Fajardo | 04/3/2023

In my early 20’s I came face-to-face with an enemy that came to destroy my life. It took away my happiness, my ability to sleep, and made me physically ill. That enemy’s name is “anxiety.” I was your stereotypical entrepreneur… Constantly “hustling” and “grinding” because “money never sleeps.” I sacrificed…