2 Types of People

“Hang around others that make you Play UP a Level. Hire a coach, get a mentor, associate with better people, mastermind with like-minded achievers, and learn from highly successful people what makes them tick.” – Craig Code #5

Imagine you know a guy named Joe. He wakes up late and skips having a real breakfast because he believes the marketing that America “runs on Dunkin’s”. He grabs a coffee and a donut and slides into his seat at work about five minutes late.

“Traffic,” he complains.

Joe immediately starts answering email and his stress builds up.

An hour later he’s starving.

At noon he runs out of the building, grabs some fast food, and races right back to work through lunch.

He’s still getting sucked into email and dealing with other people’s deadlines.

By 2 p.m. he’s nodding off in his chair.

“Hey Joe,” a colleague says, waking him up. “You have that report for the boss? She’s not going to be happy if your weekly numbers are late again.”

Joe hits the panic button. He starts rushing through his new task, and gets it done just on time — even though it’s full of errors.

“I’ll deal with that tomorrow,” he thinks. “I still have two hours of work to do and it’s already 4:30 p.m.

The anxiety builds. His blood pressure boils.

He thinks about calling home to let his wife know he’ll be late.


But he weasels out and sends a text instead.

He puts his phone away before she can reply, and he starts another mad dash on his work.


Jodi, from sales, is walking out the door.

She was up early, in on time, ahead of the game, and more importantly, out the door on schedule after having another perfectly productive day.

Joe and Jodi are the 2 types of people in the world.

And in today’s video, I’ll explain which one you want to be, and how to become that successful person rather than the one that struggles with failure.

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2 types of people








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