198 – Leadership Lessons From COVID

125 - 20 Mindset Strategies to Overcome Excuses, Make More Money, and Get More Done

Imagine you were given the chance to go back and speak to your 21-year old self? Well, today I ask my guest, Andrew Selley, that question and more as he shares what’s working and what’s not for leadership in this COVID era.

My Questions for Andrew

  • How did you enter the early to rise world and what work were you doing then?
  • You’re a Dad and a CEO, how do you hold it all together and be productive especially now in the COVID era?
  • What’s a good leader in your eyes? Do you have a mentor?
  • What are your big lessons to all entrepreneurs and leaders?

What do you think? Did something about Andrew’s story stick out to you? Are there leadership and entrepreneurial tips you have? I’d love to hear from you – send me an IG DM or email me.

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