180 – How to Make More High Ticket Sales and Overcome Objections

153 - Business Advice to Survive and Thrive the Coronavirus Crisis

Remember back to high school when you went to ask someone out and you were scared of rejection? Fast forward to today when you’re trying to sell your product and you’re scared to ask for the sale because again, you’re scared of rejection.

Today’s guest and sales expert, is going to share the three biggest objections people face when it comes to sales; checking with your spouse, thinking about it, and it costs too much.

What Joe and I Discuss:

  • How did you become an expert at sales?
  • The three objections to sales.
  • How you can teach people to sell to grow your team.
  • How to get better at speaking.
  • How has my coaching helped you and your business? Who would you recommend it for?
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Craig Ballantyne

If you want to double your income, work less, and become the ambitious millionaire you've always wanted to be... Craig Ballantyne is the coach who will help you do it. With more than 20-years of experience as an entrepreneur and five 7-figure businesses under his belt, he specializes in helping "struckling" entrepreneurs get out of the mud and build the business of their dreams. To see if you qualify for Craig's "Millionaire Coaching Program" send an email to support@earlytorise.com with the subject line "Millionaire".