151 – 13 Business Mistakes Stopping You From Financial Success

129 - 7 Pillars for a 7 Figure Income

What do you think is the most common question I get asked? Well today, you’re going to learn why all of the great podcasters ask me: what are some of the common business mistakes you see entrepreneurs making today?

13 Financial Business Mistakes

  1. You don’t sell enough
  2. You’re worried about getting it wrong
  3. You don’t fire fast enough
  4. You don’t know your numbers
  5. You aren’t moving with enough urgency
  6. You don’t know how to communicate
  7. You aren’t doing proper team/individual meetings
  8. You don’t ask for help or take advantage of your mentors
  9. You spend too much time on the 10% and not enough on the 10X
  10. You’re not working on your #1 priority in the morning
  11. You don’t do enough to get out of your bubble and grow your network
  12. You think you have to do everything yourself or you’re not good enough
  13. You’re asking the wrong questions
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