125 – 20 Mindset Strategies to Overcome Excuses, Make More Money, and Get More Done

125 - 20 Mindset Strategies to Overcome Excuses, Make More Money, and Get More Done

We are entering the Homestretch of the year. Time to go ALL in. Let’s make the rest of 2019 the BEST of 2019. Today you’re going to get the kick in the butt in the mindset that you need.

20 Mindset Strategies For Unstoppable Success

  1. You Must Slow Down to Move Faster
  2. You’ve Got to Think Bigger and Bolder
  3. It’s Your Duty & Obligation to Take Your Solution to the World
  4. You’ve Got to be Everywhere, All the Time
  5. How to Make Time For What Matters & GSD
  6. Cure Your Procrastination
  7. You Must Cure Other People’s Procrastination
  8. People Want to Feel Better than Others
  9. The Rule of One
  10. You Must Get Them to Act Now & Never Give Up
  11. You Gotta Set Your EgoAside
  12. You Do Not Know Better
  13. You Cannot Go It On Your Own
  14. You Must Have Mind Over Matter
  15. Emotionally Resilient & Anti-Fragile
  16. Get Your Environment Right To Get Your Life Right
  17. You Must DESTROY Excuses
  18. You Must Be Aligned
  19. You Must Be Grateful
  20. You Must Get Coaching

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Life is too short to not go after what you want.

Craig Ballantyne

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