111 – 10 Rules for Building a Business Empire

129 - 7 Pillars for a 7 Figure Income

If you want to make more money, you have to do a few weird things:

  • First, load up your goodwill bank account.
  • You also need to cut your business partner…
  • And drop your 5-figure lifestyle…
  • And then…

Well, we’ll get to that… as today we dive really deep into all 10 Rules for Building an Empire, in this epic episode of ETR Radio

The 10 Rules for Building a Business Empire

  1. Help more people, add more value, solve bigger problems.
  2. Have a powerful network, but not a business partner.
  3. Direct Access, Mentorship
  4. Load up your goodwill bank account.
  5. Drop your 5-figure lifestyle.
  6. Leadership is the solution.
  7. Effectiveness
  8. Vision
  9. Blueprint
  10. Take Massive Action
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Craig Ballantyne

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