11 Stunning Market Predictions for 2006

If you want to know where NOT to put your money every year … just pick up a basket of financial magazines in December. Every single one will have a cover story about the hottest sectors and the hottest stocks for the year ahead.

And if you go back and look at them a year later, you’ll find that they are almost always DEAD WRONG. The reason is simple. You don’t make money buying an investment when it “looks good” and everybody knows it. By then, it has ALREADY gone up … the easy money has already been made.

If you want to make consistent money in the markets, you have to (1) get in at a great price, (2) get in before the crowd, and (3) get in on the way up.

I just finished listening to a series of interviews with 11 of the world’s top investment analysts. Each one of them spoke about the year ahead, and each of them gave at least one SPECIFIC recommendation about where to put your money in 2006.

None of these investments have hit the mainstream radar yet. In other words, you won’t find them in a magazine. Well … not until next December, that is!

I highly recommend you take a minute to find out who these experts are. You won’t believe what their track record was last year … and you will NOT want to miss their top picks for 2006.

Quite frankly, I can’t believe what they are charging for this. Let’s put it this way … it’s less than what you would pay for that worthless basket of financial magazines. I urge you to check it out.