$100K in 12 Months (Part 1)

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You’ll discover daily guidance that will light your path as you build your internet business from your kitchen table or spare bedroom, so that you can create and design the life of your dreams, and the one you deserve for all of your hard work.

It doesn’t matter where you live, or what your government is doing to interfere in your financial situation, by using the Internet to create value for others, you can be rewarded with not only financial freedom, but a business that allows you to dictate the schedule, the workday, and the vision.

YOU are now in charge. And over the next 4 posts, I’m going to show you EXACTLY what you need to get started, based on my own personal experience.

But first, let me introduce myself. My name is Craig Ballantyne (you may have read my fitness articles in Men’s Health or Women’s Health magazines), and I got my start online all the way back in 1999 when I started a fitness newsletter.

I didn’t know what I was doing, and I didn’t make any money online until 2002, when I made a few hundred bucks selling custom designed workout programs.

When I started selling my flagship fat loss info product, “Turbulence Training”, back in September of 2003, the price was $9.95. That’s it. It’s since gone on to sell tens of thousands of copies at $39.95, but let’s consider that $9.95 price point right now.

These days I see people launching products at $77 or $97 (or more), and yet they don’t have good answers to my challenging questions:

“Why do you deserve sales and traffic and affiliates? What sets you apart from the dozens of other programs just like yours?”

And for that reason, they struggle, often not making a single sale for weeks. It’s a lot easier to get the sales snowball rolling and build confidence with a low-priced product. As you add value to the package, you can increase the price, as I did.

So today, tomorrow, and for the remainder of the week, I’m going to give you..

“The Ultimate Blueprint to Making $100K Online in Just 12 Months”…

…guaranteed, or your money back. (Haha. Joke. It’s free.)

I guarantee you’ll find these emails to be worth much more than the latest $1995 internet product being pitched. Heck, what are the gurus selling these days…a “magic bullet” something? Really? Do they sit around and laugh at us when they name these things? Anyways…

We’ll also cover the mindset that you MUST have to succeed, and end the week with a complete $100K business checklist. Let`s go…

Your First 3 Months Towards $100K

Here’s are the 7 steps you have to take – in order – to get well on your way to $100K.

1) Identify Your Best Customer

Grab some paper and a pen, and answer these questions about the people you want as customers:

– What fears & hopes do they have that your product can help?
– What do they want back in their life that your product can provide?
– What in their life do they want to stop – that your product can help?
– What do they long for that your product can provide?
– What pain & disappointments do they have that your product can end?
– What do they hate that your product can fix?
– What comforts & cover-ups do they use in place of a real solution?
– And how can your product be the REAL SOLUTION they desire?

Answer all of those, in addition to designing the traditional “avatar” of your best client (giving them a name, age, gender, job, income, location, etc.).

The better you answer these questions, the easier steps 2 & 3 will be.

2) Product Creation

Two of the biggest mistakes of internet businesses lie here. First, people create the wrong product that no one wants. Second, they take forever to finish their products and never have anything to sell.

Do not create anything until you answer this:

POWER QUESTION: What does your prospect NOT have?

Once you have the answer, along with the detailed description of your best client from exercise #1, you are ready for product creation.

And when you create your product, I want it done in NO MORE than 2 weeks. Seriously. Enough of these 6 month delays. Set a deadline. You’ll meet it.

POWER MOVE: If necessary, fork out $100-$300 and rent a hotel room or conference room, lock yourself in it, and complete your product.

That will light a fire under your butt!

And remember, as my friend Yanik Silver says, “It has to be a BIG idea that your prospects can get in seconds.” They must be able to immediately see how your product can solve their problems and ease their pain.

3) Create Your Sales Page

Writing sales copy is quite simple. It just requires you to set aside a block of creative time and use a proven set of copy principles. You might also want to model another successful sales page.

(NOTE: Modeling does not mean copying. Big difference.)

The keys to good converting copy are your headline, your offer, and getting in front of the right audience. Each of these deserves a stand-alone lesson, and we’ll cover those in the future. Until then, consider the following:

POWER STRATEGY: Create a high-value $19.95 offer that comes with a $19.95 upsell. If possible, include a recurring-billing product.

The $19.95 offer “goes against the grain” of high priced products, and your readers will be eager to get on board because they are likely sick of shelling out $77 for ebooks (or more for software, etc.).

If you have good sales copy plus high converting copy, this will be a simple sell to affiliates who will be happy to offer this low price point product to their list – because a smart affiliate will know that their readers will jump all over it.

As a result, this gets your “sales snowball” started, boosting your confidence and building your customer list.

I used this power strategy successfully multiple times in 2010, and here’s a proven example:

=> http://www.TurbulenceTraining.com/BurnFatAtHome

4) Build Your List

Once you have your product and copy established, its time to start building your list. As you know, doing that with a free report is the simplest and most effective way of doing that.

Your success will depend on the value offered in the free report. A free report doesn’t need to be complex. In fact, you just want to follow this one simple rule:

You must provide an immediate solution to ONE major problem.

That’s it. You don’t need to give away a 45 page document that promises to give 317 tips to do X, Y, Z. That just adds to much complexity to your prospect’s already busy life. Instead, stick to providing the one immediate solution to a big problem.

POWER QUESTION: What gives them simple & instant value?

Once your list begins to grow, you’ll now contact them with great content once or twice per week. In most industries, Monday & Thursday would be the best days…of course, you’re results may differ depending on your audience.

5) Offer More Value To Current Clients

A growing list + valuable offer + converting copy = Clients.

Simple formula for success. And the next step is even simpler. You must make new valuable offers to your clients to increase profits.

Every experienced marketer knows that the best customer is a past customer, and in the book “Drilling Down”, the author, Jim Novo, makes a distinction that the BEST customer is a RECENT customer, not just a past customer.

So when someone buys, the chance of them buying again is highest.

POWER PRODUCT: If your market allows, consider offering personal coaching. This allows you to charge a higher price for a premium service that provides extreme value. You could really ramp up your business to $100K in even less than 12 months with this approach.

6) Crush the Catch-22 of Affiliate Recruitment

The Catch-22 of affiliate recruitment goes like this:

“When you’re getting started, you don’t have affiliates. But you need affiliates to get started. But if you don’t have affiliates, you can’t convince other affiliates to promote your products. And that means you won’t be able to get any new affiliates.”

You must break that cycle…and the best way to do that is to create a brain-dead simple offer for a small affiliate to promote. And that offer is what I described above. The $19.95 front end plus $19.95 upsell. This will get a few affiliates to make a few sales.

And that starts the sales snowball rolling that crushes the Catch-22.

POWER MOVE #1: Offer 100% commission to affiliates on every front end sale. Yes, you won’t make any money on the $19.95 offer, but you will build a customer list. Plus, if you have an upsell that converts, you’ll make money there…and on all the follow up sales you make.

You must have the right mindset when it comes to building a list of customers. You must be willing to pay for them, and just break even on the front end, knowing that the real money will be made selling them even more valuable content in the future.

7) Test & Track

Finally, while all of this is going on, you should be Testing & Tracking your results.

Don’t worry, this is very simple. Here’s what you need to know:

– How many people come to site
– Where do they come from (Google Analytics)
– How many sales do you make
– Where do the sales come from (Google Analytics)
– When you send an email, how many are sent, how many are opened, & how many sales are made? (Give best emails to affiliates)
– When an affiliate makes a sale, send them an email…ask them what worked for them and how you can help them make more sales

These numbers will identify valuable patterns that you can pursue to find more of the right customers.

Testing and tracking is not rocket surgery and does not take more than a few minutes per day at first, and then it becomes just a few minutes per week in a simple business.


Alright, it’s now guaranteed that the next 3 months are going to be the best ever in your website business, and I know this list has made you some money. But we aren’t done yet.

So be back tomorrow as I outline Months 4-6 where we’ll continue “Good Whale Hunting” for top affiliates. (Haha)

Click here to read Part 2 of Your $100K in 12 Months plan.

Oh, and do me a quick favor?

Please tell your friends who would also be interested in building their online business to check out this blog post.

Greatly appreciated.

You’re now on your way to $100K,

Craig Ballantyne

“Take full control of, and responsibility for, your conscious mind and every aspect of your life.” – Kekich Credo #30

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  • Craig,

    For a product that is video-based and loaded with bonuses, would you still recommend the $19.95 price point, or would it be okay to start off at a higher price point with something like that?

    • Anonymous

      Christian, it’s up to you to know the market. Just realize that the main reasons people don’t buy are:

      a) They don’t “know, like, or trust you”.
      b) They don’t believe your offer provides the value for the price you are charging.

      When you are starting from scratch and working with “cold” clients, the more expensive the product – the more difficult it will be to get a customer.

      I prefer to start low and get customers and then sell them more products in the future.

      Again, you have to go back and ask yourself, “Why do I deserve these customers, this price, etc.?”

  • Fantastic, content-rich post! Thanks Craig!!

  • Thanks for this site. Love the info.

    I do have one question. How do you create the picture of that person you are going to help. Starting out you do not have a product or customer. Thinking about creating a product I will do it based on what I know.

    Just kind of wondering how to start that avatar.


    • Anonymous

      Jason, simply go to your current “real world” clients. Look at the common characteristics of your best customers. Build from that. If you are starting from scratch in a new market, you should still be able to picture the best client, and you can modify this as you learn more. Just want you to realize that it shouldn’t be difficult. If it is, you’re overthinking things.

  • Mike

    Hi Craig,
    Excellent info. I came across this quote that generally summarizes what you have just written.
    “great wealth comes from solving peoples problems -the greater the problem the greater the wealth”

    Thank again

  • well here we go
    i start15 year ago doing golf carts at that time they where an hand full of dealer now there 800 just in Florida
    but who care it never been a problem to me i invent the lifted golf carts and then i advertise them and sold many many many of them
    right now i pass just about 5 hours a year to the direct operation center i hired people to do everything
    but here my question here because i am the best connected person in the field and also the best reputation toward suppliers
    i can get deal from them that sell extremly good GUARANTED
    i just need somebody to help me design this internet division
    i do know how to bring trafic there very easy you must pay for like ordering a burger at Mc Donnald most entreprise dont know that so they sink slow but guaranted so if there somebody that have time and understand here my explanation then we can have the best internet thing going on
    i do have already distribution all over the USA and Canada
    i am opening a new one in Myrtle Beach in 2 months
    i hate loosing all that money because i dont have the right person to work on the projet and actualy spell good wich you see is a big problem
    well i am french and never learn English just on the street so please dont judge me on that
    i would find somebody to write for me if this a problem for you
    so have a good day and enjoy my web site
    warm regards Christian

  • Excellent article, Craig! You’ve given more in this free post (and its follow-up posts) than many give in their paid products….Off to tweet, fb and bookmark it.

    I’m on one of your fitness lists. It’s very interesting to get “the rest of the story” behind what you’ve accomplished.


    • Anonymous

      Thank you Stevie. Greatly appreciated.

  • Way yo go, this is a really cool post and I just started on a product and am not getting any affiliates, that is a bit of an issue right now…

    Anyways, thanks for the info.


  • Mark

    Good content, thanks.

    Any chance we could get the posts feed so we can read via an RSS reader??

  • Great info Craig and very timely! At one time I think you offered coaching on this subject, do you still offer this service? Also, dDo you have a product that takes a person through the entire Clickbank process of setting up with multiple products, affiliate supports pages, etc?
    Thanks for the great tips!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Gregg, I don’t have any coaching or resources available right now, sorry. Thanks for the feedback on the site!


  • Hi Craig,
    Thanks for the kick in the butt regarding the 2 week limit to make a product. I’ve wanted to make a series of educational videos for a couple of years and have been seriously working on my first video for 6 months! My problem is that I’m too much of a perfectionist when it comes to making a product. That perfectionism is totally holding me back. I look forward to the rest of the articles in this series. Thanks for leading the way!

    All the best!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the feedback Amelia, now set a deadline and get it done!


  • Craig, your emails are absolutely awesome. Thanks for the posts and inspiration!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Mike, appreciate it.

  • @ Christian

    I read your message and tried to contact you through your website, but it is not clear if this is your site or someone else’s. If you still need some advice on your marketing, feel free to contact me through my site. I’m experienced working with people who have limited English.

    All the Best,

  • Craig,
    Awesome info here that I actually followed exactly.
    Just one question regarding the free ebook – how do i solve ONE problem when my particular ebook (beating eating disorders) is about solving that one problem? Hope that makes sense.
    Would it be a good idea to have a free ebook answering top 10 questions asked by readers?

  • Rene


    Great information sounds good.

    I started a website about a year ago, but I’am still struggling. I’am in the fire equipment and service business, do you think focusing on ebooks or videos to sell my equipment might be the turning point?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Rene, its really tough for me to say without knowing a lot more about your business, sorry.

  • Craig,

    Awesome content! I met you at Ryan Lees first Continuity Summit in Stamford Ct. geez maybe 3-4 years ago now (time fly’s). I am in the fitness industry and have started and stopped with products since then, this information opened my eyes to things I was either missing or misunderstanding. Thanks.

    Hey quick ? though, since you are in the weight loss niche (and so am I) I am curious on your feed back. People and clients always approach me and ask what is the best way to get started working out again after a long time off and after a initial conversation and hopefully a initial assessment I try to get them started with a program (whether personally designed or a recommended like with TT) that meets there wants and needs.

    But even after all the work we put into getting them started, finding the right program, understanding there strengths and weaknesses, muscles imbalances, ect. The same problem comes up over and over again, laying out that coveted plan that provides them with a blueprint (or street map) to reaching there goals.

    My idea is to develop a info product around the idea of showing someone exactly how to map out there goals in a reachable fashion. I guess it would resemble a “Personalized Periodization” process that would illustrate the planning process of starting any fitness program.

    Let me know what you think about the idea, please.
    Keep the Content coming! Thanks again

    • Anonymous

      Hi Shawn, I would not recommend doing that product, unless you are extremely passionate about it and think about it day and night.

  • Your information has really helped these past few weeks; especially this series of posts. I look forward to more in the future! Thanks for all the content; it’s greatly appreciated!

  • Hi Craig,

    I have been completely new to this online business concept. About 6 months ago Iwas let go from my job and figured I would spend the next six months learning things from scratch. (I didn’t even know how to set up a Facebook account!)
    I have been learning the ins and outs of things, but most importantly, what I could possibly offer the world. I noticed that the most successful people in the world always love what they do.
    I love fitness even though I am not a trainer, nutritionist, or anything like that. Since I am not one of those, does it make sense to market someone elses products, until I get the hang of things and do something on my own? That’s the path I have been taking so far.

    Izzy Oh yea! I just recently strated some of your workouts too! They’re Great!

  • Jackie

    My husband follows you and has brought me here for your insights. I am going to start a website. I appreciate all the tips for once it’s up. How do I build it is my question. I have chosen a web hosting co. but want to build it offline and uplooad it once I am sure it is what I want it to be.
    Can you help or send me somewhere.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Jackie, I recommend using wordpress.

  • Hey Craig! Love the site.

    I met you once at an information marketing summit down in Orlando. It was a great time and at the time I talked with you about how I just bought and took over my own gym. Well its been over a year now and that is going good and I am bout to open a second one, but now I have more time to focus on my internet business.

    My website is good and I have been following your tips and since adding the popup domination my list is growing faster, getting closer to 100.

    My problem is being a very experienced personal trainer most of my clients and people I work with are middle aged females, so I have the most experience with that. But I notice most of the feedback and questions I get is from guys in their 20’s.

    What would you recommend I do for my 20 dollar information product to start and which target group to focus it at. I am very passionate about fitness and the path I take, just confused on the direction to go with my online fitness business.

    Thanks for any input!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Gary, that’s your decision, not mine. Identify the market where you are an expert and where you are passionate about the subject. Then fill a gap in the marketplace.

  • Casey

    Hey Craig,

    You mention in the post perhaps offering a 100% commission on the first offer. Now all I am really familiar with for selling digital products is Clickbank, which as far as I know has a limit of 75%. So how do we set up affiliates for 100% commission?

    • Anonymous

      You do that manually.

  • Would you recommend clickbank for the 19.99 first product?

    • Anonymous


  • Hi Craig,

    great information and a great programm. I will try to follow by sticking to it…

    One question:

    Do you think my website which includes the sales page should also include articles like the one you post on this very site?

    And if so, would you recommend a certain number of articles already being on the site before I start recruiting people to build my list?

    What I mean is that a website packed with valuable information might attract more readers than a single sales page. Right or wrong?

    Or would you recommend starting in “dual site mode” by having that one sales page (mysalespage.com) AND a seperate information page (myinformationpage.com)?

    It would be great hearing your thoughts…


  • Hi Craig,

    I am following your 100k plan, lets hope it works for me, the thing is i am getting the traffic but its just not converting so well…my long term plan is to create a site which is a generic health site (and not necessarily a particular niche targeted or product targeted, coz i don’t like to depend on a single product or niche market; i know this goes against what most people teach, but i am thinking in the longterm it will pay off) and also provide the maximum values to the website visitors (free of charge)…I am not planning to scam visitors…

    Sorry, if my site gave you that impression. I am still trying to improve it, i am still on the learning curve.



  • Hey Craig:
    I subscribe to your daily blog on recommendation from Simon @ SMC.
    You have really good advice.
    My question is this: You recommend WordPress. What would be a good offshore WordPress alternative for us expatriate types??
    All the best and thanks again,

    • Anonymous

      Hi David, I have no idea. Sorry, Craig

  • John

    Can you suggest an insurance co for errors, omissions, liability, etc
    for websites ?

    • Anonymous


  • Benay

    Love it! Thank you!


  • Hi Craig.

    Thanks for being so generous with your knowledge. I found this article to be very helpful.

    I’ve completed the “Best customer” questions (some great stuff came out of that – cheers!) and was wondering if there is any formula for using the answers to create your sales page or at least a skeleton?

    Thanks again,

  • Perfect!

  • john

    I got your link from Simon @ SM.com…
    What is the best way come up with a web business idea. I am stuck on a product (which I do not have) or service idea which i also do not have…


  • Carlos Guadamuz

    Hi Craig:
    I am on part one of your report.

    I am in Network Marketing, I want to do internet marketing.
    My expertise is not marketing, and most people in my industry are not experts in marketing either. A lot of us are frustrated.

    Should I start creating a product on something I am an expert on, like nutrition and exercise, or could I create a product on how to do internet marketing for network marketers even though I am not an expert on it???
    This will be in spanish. There are very few people teaching this stuff in spanish….

    If my target market is people looking to make money online, I feel like a product on nutrition and exercise would deviate from my intended target…Am I wrong???.

    Can I get your opinion, please???

    • Anonymous

      I would not create a product on a topic if I’m not an expert on that topic. That’s not right, in my opinion.

  • Carlos Guadamuz

    I apologize, I guess my question came out the wrong way…I agree with you….Thanks for the great resources.

  • Great post! I’m in the middle of you report… Thanks!

  • Dan

    I’m following your $100K in 12 months plan and just wanted to let you know that I made my first sale today!(feels awesome!) My product isn’t even finished(I make that clear on the sales page of course), I have done zero marketing, I’m probably on page 10 in Google for my keywords. Still a few people have managed to find my site. I have 14 people on my list that I’m going to email in the coming days and offer to give their money back in exchange for testimonials and feedback.

    Looking forward to meeting you in person in Lithuania this week.

    • Anonymous

      Fantastic Dan, great meeting you. Looking forward to working with you in the future.


  • Dan

    Yeah it’s awesome, I’m so excited. Nice meeting you too Craig.

    I’ve sold another one after mailing the launch offer to my list of 14 people. I even got an email from a guy today who asked if he can pay me more than the current price and get direct access to me to ask questions etc. the coming months, kind of like personal coaching.

    I’m sure you’ve gotten lots of custom requests like this one, how do you handle them? He told me to set a price but I have no idea what to price this “personal coaching” at! Should I price it based on an hourly fee? One time fee? Premium recurring membership?

    • Anonymous

      Depends on what market you are in and what services are being offered.

  • Dan

    I understand, good point. I have an online course with video tutorials teaching people how to restore and repair photos. Kind of what he wants is to be able to ask questions if he run into specific problems when restoring his photos. I think I’m going to do it for free this time and use the opportunity to get some awesome testimonials from him, maybe even get permission to use his restored photos in my marketing. Other than that a per-photo consulting fee probably makes the most sense, even though a recurring premium service would be better.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, or a membership site seems even better, with a forum.

  • Great post Craig.
    I too am from Toronto east…Scarborough.
    I’ve reinvented myself since the age of 51.
    I’m 55 today and apparently old as far as our job market is telling me.
    Since I came from Network Marketing in the 80’s and 90’s when I had a so called good job that’s where I started online.
    But I quickly learned that the internet changed the MLM game online in a big way.
    So I’ve only just now got back into a NWMing because of one specific product after 8 years not in one.
    So I’ve made my money with affiliate stuff and of course a cheaper FUNDED PROPOSAL as you say to bring value to my customers and hopefully get them on my list.
    I’ve made many commissions in the last 3 or so years which do increase yearly but I found it difficult to stay with as I was learning SEO since I had started a blog on Jan. 2009.
    It was simply hard work but I stayed with it.
    Reason being is I am exactly like you.
    When I read this post in the email I thought I wrote it.
    I come from addictions which I fought off….I’m too old now to do hard physical work….and I’m actually a total technophobe.
    So this should give some folks hope.
    I now am free at home and have multiple incomes.
    I do build a primary business which is in the anti aging field since I am very passionate about teaching optimal wellness to my boomer friends.
    I did not do as you did Craig and not sure if I agree with suggesting folks start by making their own product…and marketing it.
    I did it the other way since and learned one method of marketing …SEO…I know BIG TOPIC…but I seem to get it and became very good at it.
    To my surprise actually.
    It started with my WP open source blog and I happened to love it.
    Now my third blog is launched and as you know Google luvs luvs WP blogs.
    Especially if built properly …which mine is by my young friend and web guy Vincent who builds maybe the best blogs you’ll ever see.
    But great post Craig and good to see you as part of one of my favorite news letters online.

  • Hey Craig. Thanks for the info but for me, no matter how simple it is broken down. the idea of product creation just seems beyond me! I guess I will just keep trying to bang that affiliate drum until I am confident and skilled enough to make my own product.
    All the best!

  • Thanks for this great series of articles. Just found site and look forward to reading past articles and your future articles. Thanks

  • Eddy

    Hi Craig,
    first i’ll like to say thanks for sharing this greate Info.
    mi question for you is, if i dont have my own product yet, what is the best way for me to start?

    looking forward for your answer.
    thanks in advance.

  • Robert F. Carlson

    As asked already, with no product, where and how is the best way to start.
    I have an MBA in Global Business and have traversed and lived among 50 countries. I want to create my own online business and am seeking the very finest shortcuts and advice.

  • Great content!

    Simple plans, not too complicated, and easy to implement (if we let ourselves!)

    I think another important step is to Take Action – don’t wait until everything is perfect, start now and get the momentum going!

    Thanks again!

  • Great content with highly motivating tips and insights. Certainly inspiring!

  • Chris

    Hi, ive been wanting to start a business similar to vince delmontes (But with entirely different content) for years. Ive decided to start and make this business my primary source of income. However I need help, Im starting to write my first ebook now and will have it done by the end of march. I plan on attending Craig Ballantynes seminars when I get enough money but I need help getting started. I have no idea how to make a website and theres so much confusing material out there on making websites and internet marketing. What book or program would you suggest is the best for getting started, specifically for not so tech savvy people. Also where can I find information on copy write laws and how to copy write intelligent property?

    Is Yanik Silvers 33 days to online profits a good start?

    What do you think of “Site Build It.com” Steve Pavlina promotes it but its really pricey (300 a year it looks like)

    thanks for the advice and the awesome newsletters,

  • Joon Park

    Hi my name is Joon Park. Im 22 years old and I live in Gold Coast Australia and after reading your 100k in 12 months its inspired me and I wanted to start up an internet business. I wanted to learn more about internet business in depth and I wanted to meet other people that are into businesses / a mentor etc. Do you have any online seminars or online groups / forums you can recommend me to because flying over to the US is not an option for me right now…


  • Hey CB,
    I love what you are doing with Early To Rise Newsletter. There is more 1 one 1 interaction, engagement now.

    I am loving this. May God continue to help you bro!

    About the price thing from $9 and up.

    This goes against what the big boys preach ” don’t ever price your stuff low ”
    For years, I had always believed in the concept of getting them into your funnel first to build trust with very low price points. Then you can increase the price points later.

    This is the very first time someone who is well read in internet marketing is shedding light on this topic. I was i was the crazy one for a very long time !

    Thanks again and God bless

  • Mark Dixon

    Great article, great plan and does not seem too difficult. Tanks for the information.

  • James Canzanella

    Excellent post.

    Taking out the pen and paper and reading it over again.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, James.

  • Awesome post thanks for sharing!!

  • Rob S.

    This post is informative and helpful, however, it does not provide any links to the info being discussed. I do not know for example what resources to use when it comes to affiliates and how to work with them. Would you please respond with some details? Thank you.

    • Dominic Casey

      I just found this page today and I can say the information you seek is all over this website. Just visit the main page for ETR and you’ll find what you’re looking for.
      Very informative and highly useful.
      Thanks ETR!!!