100 – Ultimate Success Mindset Q&A Session

100 - Ultimate Success Mindset Q&A Session

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Biggest Success Mindset

Question: “How do I get rid of bad Habits, replace them with good habits and control my thoughts?” – yuckysauce

Rules. I have always believed in environment over everything. Watch the movie of your life, imaging what you want it to look like 6 weeks, 6 months, and 6 years from now. Then, aim to be 1% better every day.Q

Question:How can I overcome anxiety?” – rajivmakhanlal

Always remember that action beats anxiety. I discuss this more in my latest book, Unstopable.

  1. Unclutter
  2. Get Clarity
  3. Physical Changes
  4. Environment is Everything
  5. Focus Externally, Not Interall

Question: “How do you effectively control the feeling of being overwhelmed with too many ideas and avoid falling into procrastination?” – juanisraelortiz

  • 1. Values
  • 2. Vision
  • 3. Unclutter

Question: “How do you transition from working a corporate job to owning your own business?” – sera_5

  • Sacrifice for 12-18 months
  • Early AM
  • Saturday & Sunday AM
  • Coaching/Mentorship
  • Study the giants

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