A Complete Roadmap to the Good Life: 10 Mindset Strategies For Unstoppable Success


A few years back, Bill and Will were at one of my CEO workshops in California.

It was Bill’s third workshop, and as he described his business, his results, his profits, and his relatively
“easy” daily schedule, Will’s eyes opened wide as saucers and his jaw dropped to the floor.

Will couldn’t believe how much money Bill made in such little time.

Now here’s the plot twist…

Bill was once like Will… working too much, doing the jobs of incompetent people, missing out on life… but
over time – and with the help of a few workshops and three years of my coaching – Bill followed a few
success principles that I want to share with you below…

  1. You Must Slow Down to Move Faster

Surprisingly, Bill spends very little time working “IN” his business. Instead, he spends his time in BIG
thinking, like Empire Builders do.

On the other hand, Will is like most “starting out” entrepreneurs, juggling a full-time job and a side hustle
where he does everything.

When Bill was in that position he realized he needed to “slow down to speed up”. He stopped working IN
the business and focused ON the business. Today he’s a free man.

Dan Sullivan, the founder of Strategic Coach, has found that for an entrepreneur to 10X their revenue,
they must massively decrease their time spent working.

You need less time working IN the business and more time away from your office… you need more
“Whitespace” in your mind and on your schedule.

You need more time thinking about what matters.

That’s why I spend so much time working with clients on discovering your Values and Vision… because
they drive every decision.

Slow down on your daily busy work…and speed up on freeing you to focus on Empire Building.

2. You Gotta Think Bigger & Bolder

To think bigger and bolder you must say NO more often.

You can’t save the world by destroying yourself.

If you want to do Great Things, you must do Fewer Things.

Ruthlessly eliminate the little things that hold you back from thinking with a clear mind.

Do you think Russell Brunson built ClickFunnels while running errands, doing his laundry, designing the CF website, or editing videos?

Of course not.

In 2016 Russell used my Perfect Day Formula kit to make more time for what matters – BIG thinking and funnel building.

Time for you to do the same.

  1. It’s Your Duty & Obligation to Take Your Solution to the World

Every day that you wait, hesitate, or procrastinate causes others to suffer without your solution.

Now I know you’re not a big meanie and trying to hurt others. The reason you take your time and hold back is because you’re protecting your ego and your feelings are at risk.

But I can tell you this…

You already have critics in your personal life… so adding a few anonymous cowardly critics on the Internet is not going to be a big deal in your life.

Most people don’t know this but back in 2012 my friend Bedros suffered from daily online personal attacks from two of his most successful clients.

They wrote blog content, social media posts, talked behind his back… and this went on for years.

This would have paralyzed 99.9% of entrepreneurs. But Bedros soldiered on. It was not easy. At times it was so bad he staggered on.

But he knew – as you know – what he was meant to do.

He was not meant to hide. He was put here to bring powerful solutions to the world.

So… Yes, there will be slings and arrows… You’ll hurt, bleed, and want to back down.

But you can’t … and you won’t.


If Not You, Then WHO?
If Not Now, Then WHEN?

The world needs you now more than ever.

Suit up and let’s go.

4. You Gotta Be Everywhere, All the Time

Leverage your team.

Find social media superstars to support you.

Get them to do the dirty work of editing and uploading content so that you can shine as bright as the sun on your social media platforms.

Batch create your content once per week and get your team to distribute it like Gary Vee’s team… Putting you everywhere all the time in front of your people.

5. People Want To Feel Better Than Others

Years ago while flying around Europe, I read the transcript of a Charlie Munger speech called The
Psychology of Human Misjudgment

It exposed 21 mistakes that humans are programmed to make. (Munger covered a lot of Cialdini’s content from Influence. BTW, did you know that Munger so liked Cialdini’s book that he gave Cialdini a single share of Berkshire Hathaway stock … now worth $301,000!).

Munger and Cialdini have covered many of the “weird ways” in which humans are wired.

For example, one thing you must understand about human nature is that we always want to appear superior to others.

Humans are wired for procreation, and thus we are driven by ego, and a lust for power, so that we move up in society and it makes us more attractive to the opposite sex.

You can “deny” this if you want and think we’re more evolved… but you’d be kidding yourself. If you think humans are always acting altruistically, you’re naïve and your business will suffer.

This bit of human nature is why you must appeal to a prospect’s emotion…

Help them avoid fear of loss so they are not humiliated, and so they don’t lose their status.

Then make sure they understand how their status will rise when they do as they are told.

6. You Must Get Them to Act Now & Never Give Up

Every minute matters.

Someone watching your video, reading your email, or hearing you speak is at the height of motivation to change. If you let them slip away you might lose them forever.

They will find another promise, some inferior solution, a distraction that leads them down a more destructive path… And it’s your failure to follow through that has failed them.

I don’t want you walking around with that over your head.

So close the deal, make the sale, and change their life.

7. You Gotta Set Your Ego Aside

If you avoid having outside eyes on your business and your daily activities, you will slip into ineffective patterns that can destroy your profits.

You must constantly be questioning – and constantly be questioned – on whether what you are doing is the right thing. Only then will you start doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

You must be willing to destroy your beliefs… to cut ties with your rituals and routines … whenever something better and more effective can replace them.

Here are some effective questions for you to apply to your business:

  • Why are you currently getting the results you’re getting?
  • What’s working?
  • What’s not working?
  • How can you improve what is working?
  • How can you eliminate what’s not?

This is why I encourage my clients to be consistent in their commitment to weekly accountability updates to me. Answering my 10 questions and getting feedback is key to continuous growth.

Another reason why…

According to famous tech investor Keith Rabois,

“By writing long-form, you are forced to clarify your exact thinking, and it always exposes any logical
fallacies you have. Most of the benefit actually accrues to the writer who is forced to clarify their thoughts, as opposed to the reader. For example, when any of our founders and executives are preparing their board decks for a meeting, they almost always end up discovering something about their business while digging into their metrics.”

Don’t skip your homework.

8. You Do Not Know Better

It always makes me sad when an entrepreneur decides to “make things up as they go along.”

For example, instead of following a proven sales script, like the ones my friend Zander Fryer teaches, many coaches choose to “go with their gut feeling” instead. The result is almost always disaster.

Here at Early To Rise we provide dozens of done-for-you resources to my clients for a reason. We’ve found what works. There is no need to re-invent the proverbial wheel.

Your gut doesn’t know better. Be okay with setting your ego aside and learning from the best.

9. You Cannot Go It On Your Own

My workshop clients always comment on the power of the Mastermind effect.

“Meeting other people just like me, and seeing that other business owners are going through the same battles is a relief,” Will said on Friday. “But even better is getting the advice from Bill and others who have figured out how to win these wars.”

Live Events Change Lives

Staying at home might save money in the short term, but it will kill your business in the end.

You truly are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with… for better or for worse.

That’s why you must get around the right people.

This also matters when building the culture of your team.

Dr. Vivek Murthy, the U.S. Surgeon General said:

“When people feel a greater sense of connection to each other in the workplace, it positively impacts their creativity, their productivity, and actually their engagement in the workplace, which has downstream impacts on retention.”

My mentor Verne Harnish shared this info in his recent newsletter…

“A recent survey found that having strong workplace relationships is one of the best predictors of resilience and productivity. Furthermore, the respondents who say their company supports them in building relationships at work are almost three times as likely to report high organizational resilience. They are also three times more likely to report being their most productive selves at work.”

One key tool, from EO/YPO, is the lifeline exercise,” Verne said. “Do this together with team members
to deepen relationships (Google “Lifeline Exercise” if you don’t know what that is…).

It’s even more powerful when entrepreneurs come together in Mastermind format…

From a Mastermind attendee…

“This week the moments that really stood out to me were when I got to hang out with basically just Coaches Daniel, Galel, Gavin, and Galel and Gavin’s spouses, Emily and Kelly.

There were moments when I tried to stop talking business and coaching that way you guys didn’t have to feel like you were working, but you all always turned it right back around. It shined out so much that you guys love what you do and that, that made a huge impact on me.”

Seeing that you get to do, live and breathe something that you all seem to love was incredible. Out of all those moments the one that is sticking with me the most was when I was at the airport with Galel and Emily before our flights. I was sitting across the table from Galel when he got the email from Daniel on Saturday morning.

Galel got emotional when he shared with Emily what Daniel had said in that email. Hearing and seeing the connection you guys have as a team, the praise and feedback Daniel gave, and the pure joy, excitement, relief, and thankfulness that ran through Galel at that moment, it was like he had finally found his place where he truly belonged and loved.

It was inspiring and made me want a team like you all have. ETR is amazing because of you guys and you are a very special and amazing group of individuals.”

Powerful moments are made when you put positive and powerful people together.

10. Emotionally Resilient & Anti-Fragile

When I was growing up on the farm, my dad told me a story. Now I don’t know if it’s true or not, but when you’re 6 years old, everything your dad says is as powerful as the word of God.

“Craiggy,” he said, “If you put a donkey in the middle between two bowls of water, it’ll just stand there until it dies of thirst, not knowing which way to go.”

I often think of this story when reading my DM’s.

So many entrepreneurs are paralyzed with opportunity.

They don’t know which path to pursue or growth option to take and are too scared to make a decision.

They fear missing out, and they fear taking risks – despite desiring the rewards that require risk.

New (and naïve) entrepreneurs expect every day to be puppy dogs and rainbows… but don’t realize that in order to have each you need a long pregnancy, messy birth, and thunderclouds.

Their inability to accept risk on the path to rewards handcuffs them to a prison of pain and inaction. It’s sad. The amount of time wasted and opportunity lost to indecision drives me nuts.

Listen, you need to accept pain, suffering, rejection, and failure as part of this process. You can’t have one without the other.

It’s like expecting a marriage to last decades with disagreement. Not going to happen.

“The test of a first rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

You must accept the worst, prepare for the best, and expect them both daily.

But that can’t stop you, paralyze you, or hurt you.

Action beats anxiety.

Start making decisions!

You owe it to the world to be better every day…

Because the world needs you now more than ever.

Craig Ballantyne

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