10 Amazing Resources (and Gift Ideas) to Help You Max Out 2020

Think back to the book that changed your life.

Was it “How to Win Friends and Influence People”? “Ready, Fire, Aim” from my mentor Mark Ford? “Atlas Shrugged”? “Think and Grow Rich”? “Man’s Search for Meaning”?

If you’ve read any of those they likely evoked an emotion and memory about where you read them, what you were going through, and what they helped you do.

That’s the power of the right resource at the right time.

And today I want to give you 10 more life-changing sources of wisdom. These will help you get more done, make more money, and make massive leaps forward towards your big goals and dreams. 

1. The Perfect Week Formula 

While this might seem like a shameless self-plug (ok…it kinda is), I’m not joking when I say that my new book The Perfect Week Formula is one of the single best gifts to give to yourself or a loved one this Holiday season. 


Most of the entrepreneurs and high-performers I know are struckling. They’re stuck in their business and struggling to make life work. 

70+ hour work weeks are the norm…date nights are the exception, not the rule…and their entire lives are built around their business (when it should be the other way around). 

And my new book is the solution to all of these problems. 

It’s a proven system 20-years in the making, used by thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world that will teach you, step-by-step how to control your weeks, make more time for what matters, and grow your business and income while working a lot less. 

If you want 2020 to be the year where things finally “click”. Where you grow your business like clockwork…spend fewer hours in the office each week…make more time for your family and friends…and enjoy the lifestyle that attracted you to entrepreneurship in the first place… 

Do yourself a favor and pick up your free copy today. I promise it will change your life. 

2. The Oura Ring (And Why We Sleep by Matt Walker) 

Earlier this year, my friend Jason Feruggia told me about this new device he’d purchased called the Oura Ring and how this little piece of plastic had changed his life for the better. 

For months he ranted and raved about how great it was until, eventually, I caved to the peer pressure and decided to buy one for myself. 

The premise is simple. 

It’s a wearable device that measures your blood pressure, HRV (heart rate variability), and pulse throughout the day and while you sleep. And by using the information it gives you, you can look for patterns to help you improve your sleep, recover from your workouts faster, and know–based on science–when you should push yourself and when you should take it easy. 

And I’ll be honest with you… 

Even though the device itself is great…I don’t really have the patience to use my Oura ring to its fullest potential. 

However, using it helped me realize just how important sleep is to my performance and well being and, more importantly, it made me realize just how poorly I’ve prioritized sleep over the past few years. 

When used in conjunction with the insights I learned Matthew Walker’s new book Why We Sleep (which I highly recommend you read), it helped me jumpstart healthier sleeping habits and dramatically improve my recovery, mood, and performance. 

If you want to get more out of your sleep (and have the patience to experiment and use the Oura Ring as it was intended), the Oura Ring is a gamechanger that will help you max out your performance in 2020 and get quantifiable information to help you get more out of yourself and your life. 

3. A SkillShare Membership 

If you want to increase your income without working more hours…breakthrough to 6 or even 7-figures…and finally become the ambitious millionaire you’ve always known you have the potential to be, there’s only ONE way to do it… 

By developing and mastering high-income skills. 

The more high-income skills you have, the higher your income will be. Period. 

And luckily, there’s a new platform that will help you identify and develop the right skills faster than you ever thought possible. 

It’s called SkillShare. A virtual learning platform where you can take classes from world-class performers on everything from copywriting to marketing funnels to SEO to public speaking. 

Whether you want to improve your Instagram marketing, increase the conversion rate on your latest sales page, or drive tens of thousands of new leads to your website organically, SkillShare has the classes and experts to help you make it happen. 

And the best part? 

You can get access to their entire suite of online classes for only $15/month. 

Sign up for their free trial and give it a go for yourself. If you’ll take action on the lessons and courses they have available, I promise you’ll make more, work less, and live better in 2020 and beyond. 

4. The Veridesk 

We’ve all heard that “Sitting is the new smoking.” 

And, despite the warnings from medical professionals and health gurus, the fact remains…most standing desks are ridiculously overpriced, costing anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. 

Luckily, there’s a (relatively) new company called Veridesk that has the solution. 

With their standing desk extensions, you can get all of the benefits of a standing desk for a fraction of the price. 

Their base model costs about $300 and will allow you to switch between standing and sitting with the click of a button. 

If you want to have more energy, less pain (particularly lower back pain), and improve your health in 2020, Veridesk will help you do it. 

5. A Gratitude Journal 

Without a doubt, the single most underrated habit you can adopt to achieve more success, happiness, and fulfillment in every area of your life is gratitude. 

With social media, “overnight” success stories, and over the top marketing constantly reminding us of everything that we don’t have and that we aren’t achieving, it’s easy to get so caught up in the hype that we forget just how amazing our lives actually are. 

The fact that you’re reading this right now means you have more freedom, opportunity, and safety than 99% of all humans that have ever existed. 

And when we forget this fact, it’s easy to lose perspective of our lives and turn “Molehills into Mountains.” 

By developing a habit of expressing daily gratitude, you’ll see the world more clearly. 

You’ll let the little things go and appreciate everything that is going right in your life instead of wasting your time and energy bemoaning what’s wrong. 

To help you kickstart this habit, I created The Perfect Day Formula Kit. A life-changing box that includes a daily gratitude journal, my perfect day planning scripts, my values & vision worksheets, and, of course, a copy of my best-selling book The Perfect Day Formula. 

I’ve used the tools in these kits with all of my $25k/day 1-on-1 clients and I promise you, if you use the gratitude journal, the scripts, and the book 2020 will be the best year of your life. 

6. Primed Mind 

Last year, an acquaintance of mine named Mike Dillard suffered from a rare form of mold poisoning that almost killed him. 

He couldn’t sleep (literally…he would average about 4 hours of sleep a week)

He couldn’t eat. 

He couldn’t do anything…and he had no idea why. 

For months he tried everything from dietary modifications to ketamine therapy to experimental drugs to try and fix his brain and get back to normal. 

But nothing worked. 

Until he tried hypnotherapy, an emerging field of therapy that uses hypnosis tracks to help calm your mind and make your subconscious more receptive to suggestion. 

Now, Mike isn’t a woo woo guy and he was skeptical of the therapy every step of the way. But after a few sessions with one of the most acclaimed therapists on the planet, he became a believer. 

And the cool part is that the therapist he worked with actually created an app (which you can test out for free) that will let you get all of the same benefits of hypnotherapy without the crazy price tag (unsurprisingly insurance doesn’t cover it). 

The app is called Primed Mind and although I’ve never used it for myself, Mike and several other entrepreneurs I deeply admire have been recommending it all year. 

So if you or a family member is looking to take your meditation practice to the next level, grab a Primed Mind membership (which runs about $14/month) and test it out for yourself. 

(P.S. If you do give it a go, be sure to comment below and let me know how it worked for you!)

7. Airpods

If you work online and don’t currently own a pair of Apple’s AirPods, do yourself a favor and go grab one on Amazon now. 


One of the fastest ways to improve your performance, get more done, and work fewer hours is to strategically engineer your work environment for convenience and success. 

You might not realize it, but the little things that “Aren’t that important” are stealing huge chunks of your time every year… 

The 10-minutes you waste every day waiting for your outdated computer to load files costs you more than 60-hours (almost two workdays) a year… 

Those frequent trips to the microwave to reheat your coffee cost you more in lost productivity than your caffeine addiction itself… 

And the nuisance of dealing with tangled headphone cables, being glued to your seat during conference calls, and, my personal favorite, yanking the cord out of your phone in the middle of a workout aren’t trivial matters. 

By forking out a small amount of cash, you can literally pay to make these problems disappear. 

My AirPods are easily one of my favorite purchases of 2019 and have more than paid for themselves in time, convenience, and quality. 

8. A Daily Greens Supplement 

Right now, my entire business depends on me. Although I’m working to build systems that will allow me to separate myself from my company’s revenue, the fact still remains…if I were to get sick for an extended period of time (even 2-3 weeks), I would be in big trouble. 

Luckily, despite frequent travel, jet lag, and an insanely busy schedule…I haven’t been sick in years. 

And I largely credit this to my health nut habit of consuming a daily greens supplement. 


Being healthy is expensive…paying a premium price for organic groceries…investing in a good gym or personal trainer…spending enough to buy a small car on supplements…

But being sick is even more expensive. 

And whether you’re running a $20 million/year company or laying the foundations of your first 6-figure business, every day that you aren’t working toward your dreams (or strategically recovering from that work) is a day where you are losing money, connection, and impact. 

By investing a small amount of money in a high-quality greens supplement (I prefer this brand), you’re buying yourself “Nutritional Insurance”. You’ll be sick less frequently, you’ll have more energy, and as a result, every area of your life will improve for the better. 

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

9. A Bigger Network 

If you want to increase your impact, income, and influence in 2020, I’ve got an (almost) free and easy-to-do hack to help you do it… 

Go over to Amazon and buy 100 “Thank You” cards. Then, go through your Rolodex and find the name and address of everyone who positively impacted your life in 2019 and write them a handwritten note. 

Is it time-intensive? Yes. Boring? You bet. “Old fashioned”. Sure. 

But it’s also one of the simplest and most powerful ways to expand your network and build goodwill with the people who matter. 

Remember, you don’t need 7-figures in the bank to stand out from the crowd and make an amazing impression on the people you admire most. 

You simply need to go the extra mile and do what others won’t so that one day, you can live the way others can’t. 

I’ve followed this habit for the better part of a decade and, as simple as it is, it’s made me hundreds of thousands of dollars and solidified some of the greatest friendships I have. 

10. The Power and Courage to Say “No” 

The single most important “gift” or resource you can give to yourself this holiday season is simple… 

Reclaim your power and have the courage to say “No”. 

Too many entrepreneurs are burned out, stressed, and struggling simply because they aren’t willing to prioritize themselves and their own well being by saying “No” to the opportunities and obligations that don’t serve them. 

They invite hundreds of hours of unnecessary busy work into their lives each year and say “Yes” to opportunities that, as good as they may be, are actively holding them back from the next level of income and impact they want. 

So my challenge for you is simple… 

This New Year (and every year after it), have the courage to say “No” to the good so you can say “Yes” to the great. 

Remember, to do great things, you must do fewer things. 

And as noble as it might seem to try and “Do it all” until you set hard boundaries and learn how to effectively prioritize your time and attention, you will never reach the pinnacles of success you desire. 

Say “No” more, and mean it. 

It’s the greatest gift you can give yourself and the people you love this Christmas. 


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