#1 Fact About Building a Business

Remember when you were growing up, and you would hear the phrase:

“It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know.”

Well, the truth is that it’s still a fact. Possibly the #1 fact about building a business, despite that the Internet is supposed to be the great equalizer.

Listen, if you want to succeed, you need to know the right people. That means meeting them IN PERSON.

And you’re not going to meet the right people sitting at home, even if you’re in online forums and chat rooms dedicated to internet marketing…because frankly, the best of the best don’t hang out there.

You need to go to events.

You need to network.

One event I’ve attended for 4 straight years is Yanik Silver’s Underground Online Seminar.

Unfortunately, due to a scheduling conflict, I won’t be going this year, but I’m sending my assistant Amy, and I know about two dozen fitness experts who will be there, plus dozens of my internet buddies from all other industries will be there.

You really, really, REALLY should go if you haven’t already signed up.

One of my best friends, Joel Marion, is speaking and he’s going to give info that many internet experts will be able to turn into $100K.

While we were in Orlando this weekend, he told me he has 10 amazing email tips he’s going to give out, and I can vouch for their effectiveness, because he gives me money-making email secrets all of the time.

In fact, just one thing he’ll be teaching helped me make over $7500 with just one email…that required only about 20 minutes to write.

Now listen…I don’t make a penny from recommending Yanik’s seminar.

I don’t have an affiliate link, and I don’t even know what the registration page is anyway.

But if you’re serious, you’ll go online and find it and get your butt to Washington, D.C. in early March for that seminar.

And you’ll get out of your comfort zone and meet people. Introduce yourself to the person sitting next to you.

Go to the bar after the seminar and share your wisdom with others.

Become a person that people want to associate with.

Be a giver.

Be cool.

It’s that simple.

Have fun and say Hi to Yanik for me,

Craig Ballantyne

Spend less time saying that won’t work and more time seriously exploring the possibilities.