099 – Supercharge Your Morning Routine

099 - Supercharge Your Morning Routine

It seems like EVERY guru, influencer, and entrepreneur has some article or YouTube video sharing their “secrets” to the perfect morning routine. 

And that’s fine… But here’s the problem.

What works for one person won’t always work for you. 

Just because Tim Ferriss starts his day with 20-minutes of meditation or Tony Robbins spends 15-minutes on vocal exercises doesn’t mean that YOU need to. You have your own character traits, biology, and predispositions. 

I’m going to teach you how to supercharge your morning routine to achieve more motivation, focus, energy, and productivity.

To be clear:

Unlike some of the more dogmatic morning routine guides floating around cyberspace I am not suggesting that you need to incorporate all of these habits into your morning.

In fact, I’m hoping you won’t… My goal with this guide is not to tell you how to spend your mornings.

But to equip you with the knowledge and research you need to craft the perfect morning routine for you.

The Best Morning Habits to Achieve Success

  1. Never hit snooze
  2. Drink a “super water” morning cocktail
  3. Get outside ASAP
  4. Follow my perfect morning exercise routine
  5. Get a dog
  6. Reading: embrace your inner librarian
  7. Journalling: get out of your head
  8. Use music to prime your state
  9. Meditation: get your monk on
  10. Get grateful
  11. Visualize your day
  12. Practice positivity to increase your success
  13. Remember, the perfect morning starts the night before
  14. Make a “not to-do list”
  15. Eat that frog and engage in deep work

Every morning is the opportunity to begin again… more intelligently.

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