094 – 10 Sales & Marketing Tips from Craig’s Hair Transplant

094 - 10 Sales & Marketing Tips from Craig's Hair Transplant

Hey, did you hear about my hair transplant? Yes, that’s right, I got a hair transplant. Now while that might make you laugh… there’s more to today’s show than just jokes.

Two thousand hair follicles were extracted from the back of my head and resettled, like tiny little trees, to strengthen my receding hairline.

Let’s go through the entire process, from my decision making to the sales process, surgery, and follow-up, and outline everything that worked.

  • Tip #1 – The Set-Up Man
  • Tip #2 – The “Quiz Funnel”
  • Tip #3 – Disqualify Other Options
  • Tip #4 – Dr. Cory’s Hero’s Journey
  • Tip #5 – The “Laissez Faire”
  • Tip #6 – Upsells
  • Tip #7 – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of the Follow-Up
  • Tip #8 – Referral & Social Media Fail
  • Tip #9 – What Else Didn’t Work: Expectations
  • Tip #10 – Results… Nothing Else Matters

Overall, I give the experience a 9/10, maybe 9.5, because the procedure worked. My hair is growing, and soon I’ll have my 2005 hairline back again.

The most important part of this marketing journey is that the procedure worked. I’ve posted daily stories on IG about my transplant. These alone have led to more people buying my IG course and at least one coaching client at $7,500. I’ve already got a positive ROI on my transplant, and we haven’t even milked this story on the Empire show yet… which I 100% plan on doing.

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