092 – How to Make More Sales in Any Business

Productivity in 2021

I remember it like yesterday, there I was sitting and all of a sudden, PAYPAL payment. Woohoo! My first dollar online, my first sale.

How I Made My First Dollar Online

  • Men’s Health (Duffy’s Frat House)
  • Men’s Health Forum (Moved to Toronto)
  • Jan 28t, 2001 – Paypal + Word Document
  • Free Content – Fear of Rejection – Fear of Technology

How I Made My Online Evolution

  • 2003 – Automation
  • 2006 – My First Coach
  • Copywriting – not just content creation
  • Began Coaching Others

What Would I Do Now

“People are more emotional than logical, and tend to over-react to short-term results. They give up and sell low when times are bad and buy too high when times are good – wise people stick with sound fundamentals through the ups and downs, while flighty people react emotionally to how things feel, jumping into things when they’re hot and and abandoning them while they’re not.” – Ray Dalio

  • Hard Advice vs. Soft Advice
  • Know Your Customer
  • Know Your Differentiation
  • (ONLY STATEMENT) => 2X, 10 Less
  • Enter The Conversation in the Prospect’s Mind
    • Book Author
    • Real Estate Agent
    • Nutrition Coach
    • Business Coach

Go be an action-taking marketing monkey => Monkey see, Monkey do. Don’t wait, hesitate, or procrastinate. Make that one of your 2019 mottos. Don’t think. Just do. Keep me posted on your progress.

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