088 – 3-Step Formula to Have Your Best Year Ever

088 - 3-Step Formula to Have Your Best Year Ever

The 2019 Perfect Year Formula

The Harsh Truth

If January 2019 looks like your January of 2018, then your December 2019 will look the same as the one you just had.

That means your first 30 days of 2019 are absolutely critical.

  • Success loves discomfort.
  • Success loves action.
  • Success loves speed.

Plan now to dominate then.

Your Challenge:

No more TV for the next 30 days. Hate me now. Thank me later.

Be grateful for the new people and experiences, and the familiar ones as well. Then look ahead to 2019 and write down whom you want to meet, where you want to go, what theme will drive you ahead next year.

People: ____________________________________________________________________


Experiences: ________________________________________________________________


My theme for 2019: Become the man I need to become in order to achieve my big goals and dreams

Your Theme: ___________________________________________________________________________

Three Ways to Move Faster in 2019

#1 – Eat the Biggest Frog First Thing on The First Morning of the Week

Dominate Monday and do something so big and important that there’s no way the rest of the week could be lower than a 7 out of 10.

Life is so simple yet we make it so hard when we procrastinate. Schedule the big rocks EARLY so they do not get pushed aside. How much more obvious does success need to be?

Lean into your greatness and leap out of your comfort zone to make 2019 your best year ever.

#2 – Start the Day with Non-Urgent, Important (NUI) Work

The longer you delay working on your most important task like creating sales copy or writing book chapters or filming videos, the greater the risk of getting sucked into urgent and important work. The next thing you know it is 5pm and you’ve been busy all day in activity, but without having any real accomplishment.

Keep that up and you’ll be spinning your wheels forever.

#3 – 15 Minutes of Focus on Your #1 Priority

Block time as early in the day as possible to do what matters so you never, ever again say that your #1 priority did not get done in the past week. That’s simply unacceptable

Environment is Destiny

You create your environment: At home. At work. In your mind. You can paint your walls white, or black. You can fill it with good people, or toxic naysayers. You can support it with good habits, or garbage time wasters, like TV. Garbage in, garbage out. Or gold in, gold out.

Your environment. Your decision. Your results.

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” – Roy E. Disney

Time for you to make the right decisions, right now, for your right life. Average people wait for New Year’s Day. But, you are Unstoppable. You are an Operator.

The Unstoppable Operator Motto:

  • I am Unstoppable
  • I am an Operator
  • I will get it done
  • No excuses

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