085 – How to Write and Sell a Book Fast

085 - How to Write and Sell a Book Fast

The old saying that everyone has a book in them is a LIE. 
The fact is that everyone has three four or five books or more inside of them. The hard part is getting the book made and the even harder part is getting the book sold.

Today, we solve both those problems.

The 90-Day Planning Tool to Achieve Any Goal

My 90-day plan has been a staple of my coaching. It is a complete roadmap to how you can envision what you want in life and achieve it. Check out this article on how I use this tool in every aspect of my life.

You can apply this to anything. It’s a beauty.

That’s the fastest way to write a book. Then you edit it by recording the audiobook. 50 embarrassing mistakes later and it’ll take you about 3 days at 5 hours a day to complete the process.

The Biggest Keys to Goal Setting and Achieving

  • Outline/Planning
  • Setting a Deadline
  • Public accountability

The Hardest Part – Selling the Book

I did it by releasing the book to my email list and then doing an 18-month span of public speaking where the main goal was to promote the book. I completed 275 podcasts, and everything else possible to sell that Perfect Day Formula.

It’ll be the same for my new book Unstoppable.

I love books. I’m a little nerd. If I died today, I’ll have left my mark on the world via my 5 books. And when I die in 60 years, I’ll have dozens more. If you have a book burning inside of you, take action today.

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