084 - 15 Money & Mindset Lessons From the Perfect Life Retreat

Craig’s Top 15 Lessons From The Perfect Life Retreat

  1. “Transformation Doesn’t Happen In Isolation.” – Sharran Srivatsaa
  2. “Income Before Impact.” – Joel Marion
  3. “Your Mind is Like a Muscle… It Grows Through Pain.” – Tim Grover
  4. “Know Your Numbers.” – Joel Marion
  5. “Never, ever give up on what is important to you.” – Bally the Dog
  6. “Success is simple once you accept how hard it is.” – Craig Ballantyne
  7. “Sell Money at a Discount.” – Sharran Srivatsaa
  8. “There Comes a Time When You Will Have to Say, ‘F U. Watch Me’” – Tim Grover
  9. “Build an Hour of Power.” – Sharran Srivatsaa
  10. “Be Resilient & Relentless.” – Bedros Keuilian
  11. “We Discount Our Greatness… Causing Limiting Beliefs.” – Craig Ballantyne
  12. “Close the Door on a Negative Influence & Leave It Here in This Room.” – Tim Grover
  13. “You Built The Walls… and You Can Knock Them Down.” – Craig Ballantyne
  14. “Self Discipline Was The Secret To My Success.” – Bedros Keuilian
  15. You Are An Operator.” – Craig Ballantyne 

A money, life, or physical transformation does not happen in isolation. If you want to grow your influence and impact, you must first grow your income. You must develop a relentless and resilient success mindset if you want to become a self-made millionaire. You must increase your greatness and stop your limiting beliefs. These are lessons from Bedros Keuilan, Joel Marion, Tim Grover, Sharran Srivatsaa and Craig Ballantyne.

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