074 – The Perfect Week Formula

074 - The Perfect Week Formula

Today you’re going to learn the ULTIMATE formula for creating the perfect life… You will have more clarity and focus than ever before!

The biggest complaint about my Perfect Day Formula book was that not every day looks the same.

You had so many questions:

  • What do I do on weekends?
  • What if one day is busier than another?
  • What if you have kids?
  • What days should I exercise?
  • When should we do a weekly date night?

Or more importantly, how the heck do you fit in a weekly date night?

So after coaching over 2,500 clients in my Perfect Life Workshops and at events, I realized it was time to go back to the drawing board and create a new book: The Perfect Week Formula

The Perfect Week Formula: The Formula

Weekly Beautiful Planning: allows you to put your business around your life by putting your life on the calendar, the grid first. Put those big rocks, those non-negotiable things in your life that really matter like time with your children and all this stuff that we’re going to talk about in a second, so that you have a better life, a more successful life.

Family Meeting Review: whether you do your planning and then meet with your family to explain like, “Hey listen, you know, Bobby’s got soccer all week. We need to make sure that we’re all planned and prepared, that we have this blocked off. Here’s what mom’s doing this week, here’s what I’m doing, here’s what dad’s doing this week. We’re going to be away on these days.” So that everybody knows what’s going on in the upcoming week.

Big Rocks and Non-Negotiable: put those big rocks, those non-negotiable things in your life that really matter like time with your children and all this stuff that we’re going to talk about in a second, so that you have a better life, a more successful life. First things first:

  • Date Night
  • Family time
  • Device Free time
  • Friday movie time or Family Phone Free Night
  • Self Care

The Perfect Week Formula: Sleep

Wakeup time: your wake up time must be the same seven days a week. This is the absolute game changer that I learned from my mentor, Mark Ford. When I finally started getting up at the same time every single day, and it wasn’t that difficult, that was when I became the ultimate productivity machine. My goodness, it was absolutely a game changer. So, we do that.

Bed Time: try to go to bed at the same time every single day of the week. When you do that, you will have greater all-day energy than ever before. I first heard it at 25, and I didn’t implement it until 32, and it has absolutely changed my life.

Reverse Alarm: where you will set an alarm an hour before bed. You’re not just setting an alarm to wake up in the morning, but an alarm to get you to bed on time. If you want to get to bed at 11:00 at night because you’re one of those crazy people that stay up all night, unlike me who goes to bed at 8:00 or 8:30, well, you’re going to set that alarm for 10:00.

The Perfect Week Formula: High-Performance Habits

  • Exercise
  • Self-Care (massage)
  • Mediation/Yoga
  • Journaling
  • Gratitude

Brain Dump: this requires a scrap piece of paper or you can use the scribbling pad from my perfect day formula kit. And you pull that out, and you pull out a pen and you write down all the crazy thoughts running through your head.

Process Planning: this is something that I stole from Chip & Dan Heath and their book Switch. And they said, in order to build any new habit we must make the path to success easier and remove all the obstacles.

WOW. What a show. Can’t wait to release this in book version in 2019! It’s gonna be another game changer. But wait… I need your help to make the book PERFECT.

Let me know what I missed… would love to hear your suggestions for making the Perfect Week Formula even better. Send me an Instagram Direct Message or email me at Support@earlytorise.com

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