065 – The Top Secrets to Becoming Relentless

065 - Michael Jordan's Secrets to Becoming Relentless
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Today’s relentless guest is Tim Grover. A former college basketball player, Grover eventually became Michael Jordan’s personal trainer in the 1980s, and as a pioneer in the world of training athletes, Grover supported Jordan during his epic reign in the NBA.

Grover is also the author of Relentless, a bestselling book, and one of the most inspirational speakers in the world.

Who are some non-basketball players that you would consider relentless?

We hear about these guys all the time. Sara Blakely, the youngest female billionaire. If you listen to her story, she used to sell fax machines. Fax machines. Imagine that. Going to offices selling fax machine.

These are individuals. Relentless isn’t about the physical capabilities. It’s about:

  • The mental
  • The mindset
  • The focus
  • The fuel

It’s being able to block out distractions and how to deal with distractions.

Because regardless of whether you’re in the sports industry or you’re in the business industry, you are still competing. You are still a competitor. You might not be competing from a physical standpoint, but you’re always competing from a mental standpoint.

When do you see people be relentless the most?

It’s two things: Focus and discipline. People are always looking for the secret.

If your focus goes up, your distractions come down. When your discipline goes up, distractions come down. That’s what all those individuals are able to do. They’re able to focus and stay disciplined when others aren’t.

How did working with Michael Jordan change your outlook on how people are capable of so much more?

They’re constantly looking for information. They’re constantly looking for ways to get better. They’re never satisfied because they know the minute they get satisfied, their competition is going to close the gap between them.

Michael, every single season, every single season, would always add something new to his basketball game. He would add a new move or perfect something even better.

And the other thing that he did was, he let me do my job. But in order for an individual to let you do your job, you have to produce that result over and over again, because these individuals are not going to settle for just okay or just fine.

How do you coach someone to be relentless and tap into their inner darkness and drive and desire?

You have got to stop believing all the BS that everybody else tells you.

Everyone tells you that you’ve got to be aggressive. You got to be aggressive. You got to put yourself out there. Well, what happens when most people get aggressive? They become tense. So now you have tense, you have somebody who’s trying to be aggressive but they’re also tense, which never works out. In order to be aggressive at something, the other component you must have before that, it should be relaxed and aggressive.

And here’s the thing that a majority of the people are having a hard time now, they either listen or they chose to hear.

You have to listen and you have to hear, but you have to hear the information from the individual that resonates with you, not with the person that’s hot that week.

Tim, how can people find you on Instagram? It’s @attackathletics, right?

Yes. The Instagram and the Twitter is @attackathletics, and the website is timgrover.com.

Awesome. We are so stoked to have you at the Perfect Life Retreat November 8th and 9th, Tim. It’s going to be awesome. Thank you so much.

And here’s the thing. Don’t think that the information that I just gave you here, that I’m going to repeat this. When we do this event, it’s going to be more than this. So don’t think that, hey, I just listened to this podcast, now I don’t have to attend the event. This is like the little movie preview that you get. Be at this event. You’ll get so much more because what I have to say, I can’t do it in 30, 40 minutes.

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