057 – How to MAX OUT in Life and Reach Your Full Potential in Health, Wealth, and Relationships

057 - How to MAX OUT in Life and Reach Your Full Potential in Health, Wealth, and Relationships
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Have you ever wondered what your life could be like if you were living up to your full potential? Today’s guest found his calling and began an epic hero’s journey.

Our hero’s name is Ed Mylett and today he’s the multimillionaire entrepreneur living in a mansion on a beachfront property in California. He speaks all over the world in front of tens of thousands of people and he lives the perfect life.

It’s probably Ed’s best interview yet and I ask him one powerful question that no one in his life has ever asked him before. This question shocked him and the answer could change your life. 

Let’s begin at the start of what I call your hero’s journey back in the day. Tell us about that.

As a little guy, I had kind of this convergence of circumstances that probably contributed to my shyness.

  1. I think I’m naturally pretty introverted, introspective dude.
  2. I was small. Much smaller than everybody else.
  3. I was very insecure.

There were some alcoholism and some dysfunction in my family, so that kind of contributes to insecurity, all that stress, and strife. And then I have always introduced as little Eddy the shy guy because my dad’s name is also Ed, so I think this is convergence.

I grew up walking around a very insecure, shy person for sure. And that guy is still right there all the time for me. As much as I love people, there’s this thing in me that’s right there all the time that wants to stay this shy guy, this quiet dude.

How hard was it to overcome that?

It’s like every kid. You get handed kind of a script by your family. You don’t know it, but there are all these unconscious scripts that we get handed. My script was a great script. I grew up in a great family but my script was certainly that I was supposed to be quiet and introverted.

What helped change that for me was sports. I was a good athlete, I found a way there to express myself non-verbally and I could do it athletically. That, in turn, started to contribute to my self-confidence.

All of my confidence and business started to come from those same things:

  • Preparation
  • Getting to work earlier
  • Leaving work later

When I do go to the gym when I’m supposed to in the morning when I do eat well, there’s this really weird thing I do, I actually give myself credit. You’re doing it again man, you’re doing it champion, you’re doing it champion.

How do you convey that message to your coaching clients?

Self-confidence is the process of keeping promises that you make to yourself. In other words, you have built trust in yourself. I think people consciously try to make winning complicated so they have an out.

What I try to do is make winning easy, make it simple for people and I demand it of them because I know their capacity. I’m not really easy to be around if I coach you because once I believe in you, once I see your giftedness, once I see your greatness in you, you’ve lost all permission to lose with me.

How were you and your family able to help your dad beat the bottle? What was the turning point?

No one has ever asked me that before in an interview or personally, so I appreciate the question.

My dad just celebrated 32 years of sobriety. He was reminiscing with me the conversation he had where he finally told me he was going to get sober. I remember we pulled over, and he goes, “Listen I just want you to know I’m going to go try to stop drinking.”

He was going to lose his family. He was going to lose everything and he made that decision.

My dad still goes to three or four meetings every week. He doesn’t think he’s got it beat. He doesn’t think it’s something that’s in the rear-view mirror. My dad fights that fight every day, 32 years after that day he pulled over and talked to me.

At what point did your strong faith enter the picture?

I was raised going to church. But I certainly don’t think I liked being there. It was not a centerpiece of my life. Although we always prayed as a family. So, there was faith in my life, but it was really through meeting my wife that my faith got stronger.

It has been a great staple in my life because the many times my ego got bigger, the Lord had a way of slapping me back.

How did you grow your finance world?

Blessings, some of it. I got into the financial services industry. Immediately I showed a little promise, and I was smart.

I made one good decision: I started seeking mentors and coaches’ way earlier than I deserved them. I had a few people, very successful people, that I sought out.

I started to do what they told me to do and I got a process of mentors around me that helped me a lot. I figured out pretty early on business is a game of being able to communicate. I had to learn to communicate, verbally and non-verbally.

How did you get through the inevitable “false starts” of a business them?

Yeah, I still have them.

I think a great entrepreneur is a self-aware entrepreneur. A weak entrepreneur is one who’s oblivious to the mistakes they’re making.

I’m a very, very self-aware person. I have a tendency not to make the same twice.

How can our viewers get that type of vision for their life? How do they go about doing that?

For me it’s repetition, and so it’s a muscle that you build, and I remember thinking, “What do I want? Like what are my dreams? I don’t have any idea.”

I started to model other people’s lives, and there’s nothing wrong with that. My first few big dreams were models of mine. Your clarity comes through your associations, and so you have this identity that you have about yourself, it’s like a thermostat that sits on the wall. I talk about this all the time and it controls your damn life. It sets the whole temperature for your life.

For me, clarity comes through changing that thermostat temperature, and that comes from who I associate with.

When things do get ugly for some people, faith or not faith-based, how do they embrace it and get through that?

You’re going to get knocked down. I got knocked down a million times in my life. It’s not whether you’re going to get up. You’re going to get up. What else would you? Lay there the rest of your life?

Here’s the difference for the champions: It’s how quickly they get up.

I immediately get up and take an action towards correcting what wrong:

  • Phone calls
  • Meetings
  • Stretching
  • Working out
  • Activities
  • Planning
  • Visualization

That’s what I’ve got to do, and I’ve got to do it quickly.

What words do you leave people with so that they can go out and make life happen for them, not to them?

You are enough. You are enough, as you are. Listen to me on this. Everything you need to win is with you right now. Stop looking outside of yourself for these answers. They’re all within you. Your relentlessness, your resiliency. Whatever it might be, it is with you.

Society, especially towards women, is constantly messaging. ‘You’re not enough. Lose weight. Be prettier. Do this. Wear that.’ We’re constantly messaged we’re not enough, and that’s why people don’t win.

You can win right now.

How can people know more about you? Listen to your podcast, and connect with you?

I’m on Instagram, I have a podcast called ‘Max Out with Ed Mylett’, and then I also have a website.

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