049 – The Secret, Secret Ingredient for Success in Every Area of Life

049 - The Secret, Secret Ingredient for Success in Every Area of Life
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What’s the one secret you need to do to succeed?

What’s the one thing that I failed to do early in my career because I was too cheap, too stubborn, too much of a know it all to set aside my ego and go after?

It’s a secret you must know to get rich, lose weight and even find the love of your life. I call it the Secret, Secret Ingredient of Success.

The answer is revealed in this fun podcast with an old friend, Chris Dufey. A digital nomad business coach who was originally from Australia and he’s all over the world right now.

What is the process you go through for you finding a coach, getting accountability, and finding steps forward?

When you’re looking for a coach:

  1. Find somebody who shares your morals and ethics
  2. Find somebody who’s been there – done that. Who’s achieved what you want to achieve? When you have that in place you are just going to be able to go and follow their path to success.
  3. Make sure that you click with them.
  4. Ask around for referrals. Just like when you’re hiring a plumber, you want to make sure that you get a good referral to a coach, you want to check their background, and you want to check their references.

Who do you want to be surrounding yourself with now?

You want to be surrounding yourself with people that are way smarter than you, more successful than you. Then also you want to play up to their level in terms of morals and ethics, values and character.

I always want to be looking for the people that just see my potential at a higher level that hold a higher bar for me.

You become the average of the 5 people you hang around with. So, make sure you get everything in place to be successful, surround yourself with the right people.

Why does coaching go wrong or where does coaching go wrong, and how do you see that before it turns into a bad thing?

It’s all about communication. Any expectations must be set up before the coaching arrangement is set up.

If you’re a coach be very, very clear here’s what I can do for you, here’s what I can’t do for you. Don’t overpromise and under-deliver. On the other side, as a student, make sure that when you go and do this you are clear with your coach: I need this result to happen.

How do you operate and how do you keep yourself doing what you need to do as you travel? How is it that you do everything you do so well?

I think it’s just so easy to stay in your routine and I just don’t see how it’s hard to get out of your routine. The problem is most people give themselves permission. Oh, I’m in an airport that means I can eat whatever I want, I can sit around and goof around on my iPhone.

Most people that I know that are high performers actually say they get all their best ideas when they are not in their typical work setting.

If you’re going on a holiday it’s different, it’s a free for all once you go through customs and once you go into your holiday land. But, if you are traveling for work, if you are traveling on a family trip that is not a holiday; maybe you have to go to Grandmas for Thanksgiving but you have a couple work days in there. Stay on your routine! Do it as much as possible! Plan and prepare!

You’re operating at a high level. Why do you think that is?

My business partner Matt Smith says whenever you have a problem with somebody whether it’s a team member or even yourself. It’s only two things:

  1. Skill
  2. Commitment

I have a commitment to getting better every single day. I recognize where I need a lot of help. That’s a little bit different than most people where they don’t do the introspection and self-reflection to figure that out.

What’s your version of success?

Doing something that leaves an impact, that makes an impact and leaves a legacy that is really something purposeful. That’s hard to define what it is. Someone shouldn’t have to think I have to write a book or grow a business. No! If you want to raise well-adjusted children and have 10 grandchildren that’s your legacy.

Success, I don’t really get too caught up in the definition of it, but success is really doing the best that you can to leave your legacy I guess.

What’s your legacy?

My legacy is to help people transform and change their lives physically, financially, mentally, and emotionally. To overcome the obstacles in the way of their life.

What’re your biggest challenges at the moment?

Just letting go of my ego and my coaching business and realizing that I can train other coaches or have people that are better at coaching than me, take my systems and processes. Yesterday we had a workshop, and it was the first time that I had a co-coach with me.

It’s being able to prove to people that the processes are super effective and that the coaching they’re going to get doesn’t depend on me, in fact, they’re going to get better coaching from somebody else. Then we can do meet and greets anywhere else, you don’t have to sign up for coaching for it.

I can be in front of larger audiences and connect with more people and show them the value of the systems, the value of my coaches. So, it’s letting the ego aside and doing the work. There’s a lot of work here and I’m resisting that right now, but I’ve made some good strides in the last week.

How do you help people understand your systems and actually start executing them?

There’s a really great concept called servant leadership. Most people think of the CEO up here and then the next level and then the next level. In servant leadership, the CEO is really at the bottom, supporting everyone and growing them up.

Even if someone comes on as a customer service representative we give them the opportunity to grow in the company and raise themselves up. You go out and you hire people that are better than you so you’re always at that servant leadership level. Helping people up and up and up and up and up.

That’s the mindset, it’s not easy to do, especially if you’re good at something and people have told you you’re good at something to step away from that. But, if you really want to grow and have a greater impact eventually you have to draw the line where you’re doing it all yourself. You can’t do it all yourself.

Last thing: what’s the one thing you want the viewer, the listener, everybody right now tuned in with us, what do you want them to do?

  • I want you to go out and redefine or define your definition of success. What is it that you really, truly want to do with your skills, your talents, your ambitions, your values, your vision for your future.
  • Then I want you to go and get a coach or a mentor, even your big brother, big sister, your mother, your father, your spouse, your partner and have them say where can I elevate my game?
  • From there, I want you to play up to that level.


There you have it, I revealed the secret to the secret ingredient of success and it goes like this:

You must be accountable to somebody that you deeply do not want to disappoint. Let me say that again: you must be accountable to someone you deeply, deeply, deeply, deeply do not want to disappoint. That is what changed my life and that is what’s going to change yours.

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