Dear ETR Reader,

Does 3,488% investment profits sound good to you? I’m sure you’ll agree that’s a fantastic return to get from any investment. And it’s exactly the percentage of returns my colleague Christian DeHaemer is earning for subscribers of his exclusive trading service Red Zone VIP. I’m sending you this as a “hot stock-picker alert”… this service is on fire… In the investment advisory world sometimes there’s someone whose system suddenly can’t lose. They get the hot-hand, and for a period, almost everything they choose turns to gold.

Right now, Christian has the hot-hand, but it won’t last forever… That’s why I wanted to tell you about this… Out of 121 picks, nearly 80% were winners. Talk about a track record! He’s raking-up great profits in a short period of time: · 118% on FREPL in 3 days! · 38% on MCDKE in 1 day! · 70% on BFLY in 3 days! · 67% on AMR in 10 days! Look at his letter below and click on the “See Our Portfolio” button to get a detailed breakdown of winners versus losers. You’ll see that if you had invested $5,000 in each trade you would’ve made more than a jaw-dropping $784,000!

This is a different service from regular Red Zone that I told you about last week. And this one, Red Zone VIP, is for serious traders only. This is a very aggressive short-term trading service. Because of the special relationship I have with the publisher (he and I attended the same college…) I am able to bring you this offer.

They usually don’t sell this service other than to people who are already their customers… If you’d like to try it out, the service is risk-free for 30 days. With a guarantee like this there’s no reason not to try it… See Christian’s letter below for all the details… Enjoy! Best regards, Will Bonner Early To Rise