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If you are interested in stock investing and have the resources to capitalize on speculative investments then you simply can’t ignore nanotechnology. Always ahead of the curve, my colleague Christian DeHaemer founder of the Red Zone, got in early with the idea that nanotechnology will be the next boom. Christian has been proven right – individual stocks in the index are up 171%, 122% and 149%.

Furthermore, he’s banked trading profits of 233%, 120% and 92% in just the last few months. According to the National Science Foundation, nanotechnology will be a US$1 trillion global market by 2015, making today the opportune time to invest. The run-up is just getting started. These stocks are cheap.

One company has a forward P/E of 15 and revenue growth of 224.8% in the last fiscal year. Insiders just bought 7.2 million shares and institutions increased their shares by 22%. If you’re interested in this opportunity, it will be worth your time to read Christian’s report. A $10,000 investment in these unknown companies could well turn into $1.6 million. For the details, read below.

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Will Bonner

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