Yoga at Your Desk for Instant Relief Part I: Video Included!

Don’t you just get sick of sitting at your desk all day? Me too.

I get stiff, achy, and kind of antsy. My mind starts to feel sluggish or distracted and I struggle to focus on my tasks.

But, I have found that just a little bit of movement — stretching, breathing, and taking a break from looking at the computer screen — can quickly get me feeling focused and ready to dive back into work.

That’s why I developed a 4 Part Desk Yoga Series — so you can have some guided relief to your sitting woes!

The best part about this first sequence is that you can do it anywhere — you stay seated the whole time so it can be done at work, for travel, or anywhere you find yourself “stuck in your seat.”

It only takes a few minutes — Enjoy!

Here’s the written sequence for Desk Yoga, Part 1:

  • Begin Seated at edge of chair, take a deep breath to start then 2 breaths in each pose
  • Overhead stretch: open belly
    • Slight back bend
  • Cactus arms: engage back muscles as elbows draw down toward hips
  • Overhead stretch
  • Close palms & forearms together in front of face & squeeze – engage chest and shoulders
  • Overhead stretch
  • Side stretch, both sides breathing into side ribs
  • ¼ twist to both sides focus on engaging obliques and core muscles
  • Cat/Cow with torso — place hands on edge of desk
  • Seated forward fold: straighten legs, flex feet and fold over resting arms on desk. Lengthen chest forward
  • 1-leg calf stretch, both sides: with one leg straight reach for toes
  • 1-leg Figure 4, both sides: cross ankle over opposite knee and fold forward

Ready for Part 2? Click here to watch the video and do the sequence!