Website Business Traffic

So I slept in Tuesday morning, and felt like I was running behind all day working on my website business.

There you go, more proof that I’m far from perfect. Fortunately, I still have my dog fooled on that one.

On the bright side, knowing I had less time to get a bunch of work done yesterday made my brain find ways to leverage my expertise and contacts in order to get more done in less time.

Case in point, for today’s email, I’m going to summarize my answers to one of my Mastermind Members, who asked about getting more traffic to their website.

In addition, I went to my SEO expert Rick Porter for his tips, which I’ve added below. So a handful of simple, yet powerful traffic tips for you today, all because I slept-in.

For traffic:

1) Find out what is currently working and do more of it.

To know what works, make sure you have Google Analytics set up on your website.

The code should be put on your main landing page, as well as the thank you page for your opt-ins, and the download pages for your products.

This will tell you:

a) Where people are coming from who visit your site
b) Where people are coming from who sign-up for your newsletter
c) Where people are coming from who buy your product

Once you know where buyers and readers are coming from, you can submit more articles to those sites, or contact the owner of those sites for a joint venture.

By the way, I know what you’re thinking…”I don’t know how to set up Google Analytics on my site.”

Well, neither do I. Fortunately, you have two options.

a) Hire a teenage kid for $10 and have them do it.
b) Go watch a bunch of free youtube videos that will teach you how.

No excuses. Get it done.

2) Identify what you are best at…

…and determine if it will be a good traffic strategy.

For example, are you a “natural” on video? If so, discover how you can maximize Youtube for traffic generation.

Or are you a little more introverted and prefer writing? Well that’s fine too. Identify how you can create amazing content and use the right back-link system to attract visitors.

(We’ll discuss that in more detail tomorrow.)

Or are you an analytical mind who loves to crunch numbers? If so, you’re probably best suited for paid advertising, using platforms like Facebook Ads and banner ads to drive
traffic to your website.

Pick one effective strategy and go hard on it until you start getting results and systematize it. Then choose another proven method and continue.

3) Learning how to set up a system of paid traffic.

For example, the best opportunity in paid traffic these days is with Facebook Advertising. So set up an account and start testing ads and offers that will bring you customers at a break-even – or profit.

Paid advertising is the #1 traffic system in the world because you can make money and get a lot customers at the same time. Of course, that is easier said than done, but I’ll be interviewing some experts in this area for you soon.

If paid advertising is too intimidating for you, the next best traffic sources are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and getting Affiliates.

Ok, I’m going to stop there and bring you Rick Porter’s ADVANCED traffic tips tomorrow.

I was going to try and fit them all in one email, but as I was reviewing them, I realized that your head might have exploded from too much info.

The tips Rick is going to share tomorrow are really, really cool, and super powerful if you create your own content.

So we’ll be back with search engine domination tips tomorrow. Thanks for your patience. Until then…

Network with at least one person today,

Craig Ballantyne

You can’t do $10 an hour tasks if you want to make $100K/year. Identify those time/energy wasting tasks (like running errands, mowing your lawn, etc.) and outsource/delegate them immediately. At $100K per year on a 40 hour workweek, your time is worth at LEAST $50/hour, and more like $150/hour. Do not ignore that. Respect your time.