Truth About Online Marketing

It was 5:45 pm on Saturday afternoon.

The audience – perhaps you included – had been through an incredible day, learning about Big Ideas, Success Stories, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Product Launches, Making Noise, Avoiding Zombies, Upsell Conversions, and so much more.

All delivered Gangnam Style, of course.

But as the day was about to wrap-up the day, I said something bizarre. That’s right, I said something bizarre, I didn’t do something bizarre. I had already done my strange Gangnam Style dance in the morning…

Now it was time to say something a little weird.

“Forget everything you learned today,” I said. “There are only three things you need to focus on. And these are…”

#1 – Passion

Focus on creating passion in your work by refining your BIG IDEA and identifying your Unique Ability (as Dan Sullivan taught us).

These two attributes are exponentially more important than any sneaky traffic strategy the world’s greatest Internet Marketing guru could teach
you. And remember, as our friend Perry Belcher once said, “People want to follow passionate people.”

#2 – Selling

Learn to sell. Have confidence in your product.

Always be willing – and enthusiastic – about having the chance to sell someone on your product/idea anytime, anywhere. If you aren’t
willing to sell in-person, if you aren’t willing to sell your product to everyone that needs it, then you need to re-examine what you are selling.

And once you’re ready to sell, pick ONE optimal selling strategy based on everything that you’ve been taught.

Choose the one that best suits your Unique Ability. Then spend at least 2 hours per day selling.

#3 – Connections

All the knowledge in the world is still not of maximum value if you try to do everything yourself, at home, in isolation from the world.

Even evil geniuses like Dr. Evil had a team working around him. Get out and get to events. Get out and meet people. Avoid zombies, but meet people – like other Virtual Mastermind members. See and be seen. Don’t hide behind the computer, as great as the forum is, you need
to connect in person.

Many attendees were asking about other conferences, and the next one that y’all should be at is Yanik Silver’s Underground 9 event in Washington, D.C., next March. ETR will also be having a bonusday on the day prior to the main event. (And yes, it too will be Gangnam Style, or whatever amazing style is popular then.)

Finally, heed this advice from Yanik Silver, one of my mentors, and the leader of the Mastermind Group where Matt Smith and I first met back in 2008:

“Mastermind and collaborate with other smart entrepreneurs if they have a future that is bigger than their present.” – Yanik Silver, Maverick Business Rule #29

Keep your Inner Circle Connections. Never drop out of your valued groups. If you do, they will grow and advance without you, and when you try to rejoin them in the future, they’ll be so far ahead it will be tough to catch up.

Stay connected. Build your passion. Learn to sell. Those three things, guided by the best ways to do each that you learned about on Saturday (that are the correct ways for you to do each), are all you need to know.

Stick to your SCREAMS, and don’t get hung up on your whispers.

Be passionate. Sell your passion. Connect with passion.

Internet Independence Gangnam Style,

Craig Ballantyne

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