How to Make Sales and Create Upsells

This is so juvenile, but I laugh at it every time I hear it.

My buddy Frank Kern calls my friend Bedros, “Bedrofe”.

It amuses me to no end. Like when I put peanut butter on the top of Bally the Dog’s nose just a tiny bit out of reach of his tongue. You get to watch him spend the next 3 minutes watching him trying to lick it off. That’s gold, Jerry, gold.

(Please do not call PETA on me for that.)

But more importantly, our friend Bedrofe has a formula for making much of the moniez on the Internet (also works for real world businesses as well).

I want to share it with you before we get into the rest of our QnA on Sales today.

The Bedrofe Formula for Success

1) Find a niche market.
2) Deliver tons of value.
3) Exceed expectations.
4) Be known for something.
5) Learn to sell.

Frankly, that’s the answer to making a whole bunch of money online, or offline. – Bedros Keuilian

Thanks, Bedrofe.

Now let’s get into more lead generation and selling…

Q: I have a new eBook thhave a new eBook that I wrote titled “57 Ways to Reboot and Recharge Your Life” based on over 10 years of experience and experiments. Do you recommend that I give that away at first in exchange for email addresses to build an audience and list? – Luther

Answer: People don’t want 57 things. They want ONE thing.

They want the ONE big secret that can change their lives immediately. Come up with a 5-7 page free report on the ONE solution to their biggest problem. Start with that.

Q: Hi Craig, I’m very close to launching an ebook titled “How to Pay for Long Term Care without going Broke”. Subtitle “A road-map to Resources for the Loving Caregiver”. The book will be sold through Amazon, B&N, Apple, & distributed by Smashwords. I’m pricing it at $4.99. I’m also offering a newsletter – link from the book to a landing page for sign up.

The newsletter will focus on changes in healthcare for Medicare, Medicaid, and healthcare reform that will affect the subscribers.

My target audience is typically female, age 45 to 55 that were forced into a caregiver situation to help their elderly loved ones.

The question is: should I charge for the newsletter ($39 per year) or just build a bigger list by giving it for free? I’m not sure how I would monetize the list although I might be able build an App or 2 to sell to the list. Thanks for you help. – Tom

Answer: Hi Tom, as a man once yelled to John Candy and Steve Martin in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, “You’re going the wrong way”.

You need to reverse your plan. Here’s what you need to do:

The newsletter should be free, but you should be selling a course on your website for $39.95, rather than a $4.95 e-book on those sites.

You have a good idea, but the model is backwards.

The newsletter should be free and will build goodwill, getting readers to know, like, and trust you. Then they will see you have a lot of value to offer, and will invest in your course.

If you can save someone thousands of dollars, it should be a no-brainer to invest in a course that costs $39.95 to $97.

Keep me up to date on when you make your first sale.

Q: If you had to create a sales letter/sales video for an info product based on everything you know now what form would you use? Long form sales copy, video sales letter, adtoons style video sales letter? Or, some combination where on exiting the page the other copy comes up ther copy comes up if people decide not to leave. – Julian

Answer: Combo of video with an exit of written. Video could be live action (i.e. real person) if the person is good.

Follow-up Q: If you have a main info product and a couple ancillary info products/reports which relate to the main product how would you structure the sale? Would you have the main info product with the other ancillary products as bonuses to increase the value of the overall package? Or would you sell the main high priced product at a more affordable rate, and then upsell the rest?

Answer: Follow this exact step-by-step formula for your sales flow:

Step #1: Main Product + Bonuses
Step #2: “Done-for-You” Automated Upsell
Step #3: Accelerated Results Upsell

Review the 24-7 product launch bonus in the FIM customer area.

Basically, I don’t know where your current bonuses fit in, but you’ll need to create more to either go with the main product (and let current become the upsells) or to be the upsel current go with main).

Q: Do you recommend building a brand based on your name or what you do? I have the .com for both of these.

Answer: The name of the website is irrelevant. What matters is the content delivered and the BIG IDEA that you are selling.

Brands aren’t big ideas. I wouldn’t even waste my time thinking about the brand. Besides, websites are cheap. You can have them both and just point them both at the same URL. Again, what matters is the OFFER that is made and content delivered.

Q: If I just finished my second product, what is the best way to email it out to my list/people who purchased the first product? Do I need to do another 3 day sale type email sequence like I did with my first or is there a better a strategy for repeat buyers/new offerings?

Answer: You should have a customer email list, right? If you want to give it to them, just email that. If you want to sell it to them, then yes, I would do a big promotion. There’s no reason not to make every product release a big event. They don’t just put the next
Batman movie in theaters and expect people to show up. They promote it even more than the last one.

Q: Outside of that 3 day (4 email ends at midnight) type promotion, is there another type of strategy I should look up and study?

Answer: Tons of info on selling products in our Financial Independence Monthly materials at Make sure you upgrade to the Fast Start internet independence manual. Get selling, the world needs the business.

You can do it,

Craig Ballantyne

“We are not a product of what has happened to us in our past. We have the power of choice.” – Stephen Covey