My Personal Weekend Message to You

Every day at 4am I sneak out of bed, no matter where I am in the world, sit down at my kitchen table or hotel room desk, and write 1000 to 2000 words for my first book. It’s about harnessing the Power of Your Personal Rules so that you have your best life ever.

I’m almost done and can’t wait to share it with you.

Earlier this week I posted a couple of passages from it on Facebook, and the response was incredible. I touched a nerve, and realized that YOU also need to hear this before the final long weekend of summer (or before summer gets started, for my readers down under). And please don’t miss the special announcement at the end of this letter.
This is my personal message to you…

Dear TT Reader,

People will always try to sabotage your day, your diet, your dreams, and your determination. You cannot let this happen. Identify all the obstacles that they want to impose and then create at least two solutions for each. Stand up to these wanna-be saboteurs and say no, or find a way to avoid being around them. Stay out of sight when you know they will come around desiring you to do their bidding. Each occasion that allows you to say “NO” helps you build strength, no matter how small the victory.

The saboteur is easily defeated when you are able to show a strong will. Do not back down. Stay strong and keep on pushing on! Never, ever give up on what is important to you. I believe in you.

You must remember what really matters. Write down your Rules and Priorities in life. Have them visible when temptations come a calling.

Remember what REALLY matters. You cannot let the little opinions of small minded people stop you from achieving your big goals and dreams.

You must expect some negativity from others when you start your transformation. But you cannot fail. You can only get results. You learn from you mistakes. You take those lessons and adjust course. You make better decisions the next time. You plan ahead to come better prepared for temptation. You WILL make it work. You CAN win a victory so that you’ll gain momentum. You can live by example, and when you do, you’ll encourage others to support you. When you do this over and over and over again, you will make the big leaps and bounds that will lead to an incredible transformation and achievement of your big goals and dreams.

It IS possible. You can – and WILL – do it. Never give up on what is important to you.Know this: Your “enemies” are harmless. They are only teasing. They are only doing so because it threatened the status quo.

They worry you will change and leave them behind, like the movie star that leaves her one stoplight town for the big city and never returns. But it’s never like that. When you get better, you want to take people along for the ride.

Once they see that, once they realize you are not going to leave them but you are going to lead them, they will want to join in. And when you support them, they will support you. They will become your strongest allies, your staunch supporters, and they will go on to become your best students – sometimes even becoming better than the teacher themselves!

I know this to be true because so many of my friends, those that gave me hassle and peer pressure so strongly in my early 20′s, have today become even healthier and more committed to fitness than I am, if that’s possible!

They are better people because I had the courage to commit to change when I was young, and because I found ways to cope with what I could not control (their attitudes), and I controlled what I could (my response), and concentrated on what counted (what mattered to me and my long-term big goals and dreams). Stay strong, my friend!

Do what is right for you.

Look at every small victory as a step ahead, even when you lose the battle.

There will be days when you will eat 3 cookies after dinner. That’s okay. Consider it a victory that you stopped before having the 4th.

It truly is a win. Next time, you’ll only have two. Eventually you’ll be able to stop at one and leave a full plate for others to share. You will develop the discipline over time. Do not expect it to come all at once. That’s okay.

We are all imperfect humans…but we are also capable of making great changes. It takes time to establish new and improved habits. But we can do it. So never, ever quit on what is important to you. Never stop on your commitment to getting better. Plan for the obstacles in your life. Prepare two solutions for every problem. Get social support. Be accountable to a friend. Set the rules for your life that will dictate the need for better habits. And implement them every day.

You can do it. You CAN change.

I believe in you.

You can change at any age…after all, what is your other option? To give up? To quit? NEVER!

Stay strong and keep on pushing on, no matter if you are 21, 41, 61, or 101! (We recently had a 92-year old woman purchase my bodyweight workouts because she wants to get stronger – how awesome is that?) Never give up on what is important to you – just like that wonderful lady is still going strong.

You are so close to a breakthrough. I just know it. Keep on pushing on.In almost all areas of life – from weight loss to saving money – we go through a long period of doing the work with minimal results…and then there is the WHOOOOOOSH effect when the breakthrough occurs and we achieve incredible results in a short amount of time.

This happens when you do the work, when you overcome the resistance, and when you keep on pushing on.

September is a WHOOOOSH month for so many of us in ALL areas of life.

It will be for you too.

Stay strong.

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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