Launch Update

It’s fitting, on the 2nd day of Mikey Whitfield’s current 6-figure launch, that we share some insights from his last big launch.

And I’m sure next week he’ll have even more wisdom and inspiration to offer you…after  all, we devised a really cool twist on the classic “Affiliate Competition” that engaged more affiliates to get involved and put more into their promo.

Can’t wait to share that with you soon.

But for now, here are some fantastic lessons from his last launch that earned Mikey a big stack of pancakes. (Pancakes are to Mikey what Scooby snacks are to Scooby-Doo.)

Read these lessons and apply them to grow your business.

The Big 4 Bootcamp Finishers Launch Lessons
By Mikey “Pancakes are a snack, too” Whitfield

Here are the results from the recent Bootcamp Finishers launch:

349 sales
175 upsell sales (50% conversion rate)
13.9% conversion rate from referred traffic during the promo

$11,701 in sales from a $19.99 front end offer

This, of course, resulted in pancakes with the family on Saturday.

Rick Kaselj made a bunch of sales by using one of my blog posts.  He had a $0.70 EPC and a 16.6% conversion rate. As the cool kids would say, “that’s siiiick!”. So, you can call Rick, “Siiiick Rick”. Yes, you have my permission.

(Note from Craig: The cool kids use 4 “i’s” in siiiick.)

Yep, a little ole’ country boy in good ole’ GA is doing his thing.


Here’s how…

This is Mike’s pancake eating face and outfit. Yikes.

I was honestly just as excited for this project as I was with my original Workout Finishers program because I knew it would impact a lot of people.

You see, Bootcamp Finishers was designed with coaches in mind, although anyone can use them with their own workouts as well.

But by creating a program that makes bootcamp workouts more fun and energetic, I’m not only helping the coaches, but I’m also helping their clients.

That’s the power of an online business.

During this launch, I’ve learned some four more lessons that I wanted to share with you.

Lesson # 1 – Get Feedback On Your Product Before the Launch

Since this product was geared towards trainers and coaches, I wanted
to get feedback before I launched it. I gave numerous coaches a
complimentary copy of my program and told them to have at it with
their campers. In exchange, I asked for feedback on the program from
both them and their campers.

This did two things:
–    It gave me real and powerful testimonials
–    It helped me craft the sales copy

That extra work helped contribute to a 13.9% conversion rate from
referred traffic.

Lesson # 2 – Pre-Launch Your Program Before the Launch

I have a bootcamp coach list that I joined with a business partner on earlier this year. I surveyed this list and simply asked what they wanted to see more of.

The responses all had the same theme, which was simply “something different”. I immediately knew that Bootcamp Finishers would be a great hit.

The week before, I talked about using bootcamp finishers and how they can beat bootcamp workout boredom. Just about every day for a week leading up to the launch, I would give them a finisher to use.

I learned this trick from Rick Kaselj, who is in my mastermind. Of course, being in a mastermind is a lesson in itself.

Lesson # 3 – Be Better Prepared Than a Boy Scout at a Pancake Jamboree

I had everything ready with the exception of the upsell flow process through Clickbank. I decided to add one more component to the upsell package, which meant Clickbank would have to approve the upsell flow one more time. Every time you submit an approval, it can take 3-5 business days.

That actually delayed my launch by one day, which totally jacked up my promo calendar. The lesson was learned – from now on, I’m going to outline my product before I put it together and stick with it.

Lesson # 4 – Over-Deliver On Value

I am convinced that my conversion rate of 13.9% had more to do with the value than the sales copy. Fortunately, one of my biggest strengths is creating products.

So, along with the three manuals, I added two more manuals as the “Exclusive Launch Bonuses”, which I learned from Craig and Joel’s 24/7 Fat Loss launch last year.

Who gives away FIVE manuals for under $20 during a launch?

Mike Whitfield <== This guy

I truly believe in using your strengths for online business success. For example, my SEO skills are around a 2 on a scale of 1-10, so I really don’t mess with it. I use my strengths, which is writing and creating products to grow my online business. It certainly helped with this launch.

Hope that helps!

To your success,

Mike Whitfield


As always, many thanks Mikey.

And if you want to help out Mikey with his current launch, just contact
him here:

Be a Go-Giver and Value Adder like Mikey,

Craig Ballantyne

PS – It won’t surprise anyone that Mikey is…

…a Mastermind member.

After all, he exhibits the classic success story characteristics of being an action-taking pioneer.

Those are the folks that succeed.

If that sounds like you, and you want more information on one of the upcoming Mastermind events that Bedros and I are running in San Diego and Las Vegas, just send an email to his assistant at

Like Mikey said, if he can do it, so can you.