How to Live Your Dream Lifestyle

On Monday I returned from the trip of a lifetime to Rome & Prague. It was my 5th “Trip of a Lifetime” in the past 14 months, including:
1) A 10-day journey to London, Barcelona, & Ibiza 
2) My annual trip to Lithuania followed by a week in Croatia
3) 8-days exploring Florence & Tuscany (with an unforgettable day spent driving Ferrari’s from Florence to Sienna)
4) Japan (for 4 days and for no other reason than to see 3 of my friends & to go to a Tuna auction at 5am <= really interesting!)
5) Another trip Lithuania with a few days each in Rome & Prague
This is the astounding Internet Lifestyle that I am lucky enough to lead thanks to my websites that make me more money than I can spend even when I’m traveling the world.
The first time I experienced this was back in 2006 when my Internet business paid for my trip to Dubai and London. I remember sitting on the plane on the way to London from Dubai and receiving a notification on my Blackberry that I just made $300 in sales. That’s when I knew I had it made.
Last year I also spend several weeks in Miami and other hot spots of South Florida, visited Las Vegas twice, NYC twice, San Diego twice, Orange County twice, Denver six times, Austin once, and Lapeer, Michigan six times (What, you don’t desire to go to Lapeer? Lol!).
Yes, I’m bragging. I apologize for being so crass.
But it’s to make a point and to get you to take action.
I’m nothing special.
I’m just a guy that has tapped into the greatest “job” in the world. It’s better than being a Rockstar.
With an online business you get to travel the world on your own schedule, going wherever you want, and working whenever you want (rather than having to spend your nights performing for others and then hopping on a cramped tour bus to get to the next city).
If you don’t care for travel, that’s fine. No one says you have to make money all over the world like I do. You can never leave your zip code if you don’t want to…instead choosing to spend your time with your kids, never missing one of their ball games or recitals again because of work.
That’s another way to enjoy the Internet Lifestyle. You can send your kids to the best schools. You can pay for their college so they don’t start off real life in debt. You can retire early. Play golf. Read more books. Enjoy more “afternoon delights” with your significant other, as Ron Burgundy once waxed about so poetically.
Bottom Line: 
You can live your dream life thanks to the Internet.
The opportunity is there for everyone.
It works for ALL ages.
I know 60-year old women that make money selling “how to knit” info products and 25 year old ‘kids’ that sell software (like Pop-Up Domination).
I’ve coached dozens of fitness experts to six-figure incomes selling workouts and diets. One of my top clients has a multi-million dollar supplement company…started from scratch, all online, and going from zero to millions in mere months.
Anything is possible.
You could use the Internet to create a world-changing charity, to unleash a viral campaign like the Ice Bucket Challenge, to start a political revolution, to raise awareness about your local humane society, to help people overcome sugar addiction, or to transform the lives of 10 Million Men and Women, as my business is dedicated to achieving by the year 2020.
The Internet is POWER.
The Internet is FREEDOM.
The Internet is MONEY.
The Internet is TRAVEL.
The Internet is your FAMILY’s SAFETY NET.
The Internet is a Golden Goose that keeps on giving.
The Internet is YOURS.
So stop dreaming and start living the dream.
I will show you exactly how to get started, and exactly how you can go from working 12 hours a day at a real job (like I once did) to making six-figures in just a few hours of work each week (like so many of my clients do today).
It’s not just lil’ ol’ me that has stumbled across the secret of success. You’ll also learn from my best Armenian friend, Bedros Keuilian, who grew up as a dumpster-diving, poor, immigrant kid in Anaheim and has leveraged the Internet to create multiple 7-figure businesses.
Bedros’ kids will NEVER have to go to daycare, thanks to the money he makes from his websites. They will never want for healthy food, like he did when his parents were dead broke in 1980.
You’ll also meet and learn from Dr. Mark Costes, a dentist who hated his job and was able to escape it by working from 9pm to 11pm each night. In less than a year he was making more money online than he was each day while getting covered in blood and pus in the dentist’s chair.
We all have stories of freedom to share with you.
It will be our honor to show you how to live your dream as well.
If you want to live the Internet Lifestyle, join Mark, Bedros, and myself at our first-ever Online Info Blueprint Workshop this November.
You’ll leave the weekend with a complete, and practically Done-For-You, 30-day guaranteed Success Blueprint. It will show you how to take your knowledge (the expertise you’ve built up over your career) and turn it into an online business that makes you money while you sleep.
I’m living proof.
I’m living the dream.
And so can you.
You can also bring 3 of your friends for just a small investment more.
You’ll be their hero, you’ll be the hero of your own life, and you’ll finally be living the dream that you deserve.
The time has come. Let’s finally do this. Let’s help you achieve your goals.
Get what you deserve and desire,
Craig Ballantyne

Make the right decisions. Focus on your priorities. Concentrate on what counts. Ignore what doesn’t. See you soon.