Web-Based Businesses Building QnA and Upcoming Events

Thank you for all of the kind feedback on yesterday’s article, it means a lot to me.

On my blog, I heard from a lot of TT readers who feel like they are on the verge of success…but they are also frustrated because they just haven’t been able to get what they want – and what they deserve.

A lot of Internet Independence readers are like that too, only they are going after different things.

So my advice to you is…

If you’re struggling, keep hustling. Keep taking at least one big action step each day.

Did you contact someone today?

Did you devote 30 minutes to reading a book or home study course?

Did you take the time to plan your work day so you can get more done when you hit the office on Monday morning?

Keep doing what you need to be doing. Keep contacting who you need to be contacting.

When people see you taking action, they take notice.

People want to be involved with other confident people who doing big things and being positive and powerful.

There are good people out there ready and willing to help you and connect with you…and today I’ll share more about where to find them.

Question: Craig, I follow you on TT and ETR. You inspire me daily. I would really like to join your mastermind group, how do I go about it? I’m from the UK and don’t make it across the Atlantic often. – Nathan

Hi Nathan, thanks for your question. If coming over 3 times per year for a Mastermind won’t fit, your best bet would to schedule a little trip down to Florida at the end of October to work with Matt Smith and myself for our one day coaching.

Even in just a few hours we could help you identify a vision and step-by-step blueprint for getting you on the fast track for success with your website.

We are still looking to fill the final 3 spots in our small group event.

If you are interested, just email Lesa for an application and then get it back to us ASAP to reserve your spot. Her email is:


Question: Is this entire hiring thing a test. After all you talk about outsourcing and what is in your 5%, if we are serious about making it online how can we get our own projects done and your stuff too.

Or is working for you like a paid internship. For those of us who have yet to master the internet would you be delivering inside secrets to those who work for you. – Jason

Answer: Hi Jason, good question.

The reality is this…

Some folks are not cut out for the risk of running their own businesses and just want a cool job in one of the best industries in the world – info publishing.

I was looking for someone like that, and found an awesome helper here in Toronto.

What I was advertising for really was a customer service/HTML update job. No secret internship or anything like that.

But you are correct…if someone was hell-bent on success, like Isabel De Los Rios was when she was my coaching client back in 2008, it would not be a good idea to be working for another business owner.

You need all the time and energy you can find to devote to your own success.

And again, if anyone is dedicated to success but needs some coaching to get put on the right track, you’re best decision would be to attend the 1-day coaching with Matt and myself.

Question: First of all I want to say a huge thanks for the inspiration and helping me stay motivated. Your last paragraph really struck a chord with me “…the sooner we can find ‘our thing’, ‘our purpose’, and ‘our mission’, the sooner we can get it going, build momentum, and start making our lives and businesses into what they have the potential to be. Keep searching, keep working and keep going. Never give up.”

What I wanted to ask was, how do you figure out what your “mission” is?

I truly believe I am destined for more than a 9-5 day job. But I don’t know where to start!

Can you recommend any reading (books or articles) on how to uncover your mission?

I feel like I’m stuck in a 9-5 job with rules and processes that you almost feel like you are suffocating from other people’s lack of passion for what they do? Which in turn stifles the results you are able to achieve. (For me anyway, and I hate the feeling that brings). I want to do more, achieve more, be somebody. Where do I start? – Lisa

Answer: Lisa, great question, thank you.

First, try this article and see if it helps:

=> http://internetindependence.com/your-vision

This is what I used to define my version. Look into the future and write as if you’ve achieved what you want…and then start filling in the blanks as to how you got there.

Second, review my book reading list here:

=> http://internetindependence.com/business-books

Some of them, such as Good to Great, could be helpful, but might also be too advanced for what you need.

Check out The Go-Giver to start.

Finally, the internet is full of places to find amazing people and real-world events where these people congregate.

Once you have an idea of the mission you want to achieve, then start going to events related to the mission and you’ll meet incredible people there…that’s how I’ve met most of the people I associate with today.

Question: Hello, Craig. I’ve recently joined your mailing list, which I find to be refreshingly direct, concise, and most importantly, no-nonsense.

I just performed the “10 people I spend the most time with” exercise, and have found that NONE of the people on my list have the kind of wealth or income to which I aspire, nor do they own/run their own businesses.

I’ve also recently re-dedicated my priorities to my businesses and my family, which means that I respect and prioritize my time to maximize both.

That said, here’s my question: how do I improve my network the most efficiently?

I must meet and spend time with people who are working toward
– or better, have already achieved – similar goals.

How do I find them? Where do I look? The only things I can think of are the chamber of commerce (which seems like throwing a dart at a gigantic dart board while blindfolded, hoping I hit a bullseye) or take up golf and join a country club – which isn’t possible until I generate more income.

Any suggestions? I’ve thought of this quite a bit, and I’m very willing to act on it, but I need a starting place.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Please know how much I admire your work and look forward to your inspiration (and ideas for investing my perspiration) every day. – Maria

Answer: Hi Maria, my answer to you is similar to Lisa above.

Once you know what you want to do – and it sounds like you are well along on that – then you simply need to find events where the people are who can help you get there.

Since you’re reading this newsletter, you must have an interest in building a web-based business. And the best place to be is at events dedicated to web-based businesses.

Here are the events you should find a way to attend:

1) The one-day coaching with Matt Smith and myself (email Lesa at TurbulenceTrainingHelp@gmail.com for an application)

2) If you are in the fitness industry – or if you simply live on the west coast – you should attend the two day event that Bedros Keuilian is hosting and where I am speaking. It is Oct 14-15th in Las Vegas. Details here:


3) The Glazer Kennedy Info Summit – Atlanta, Nov 3-6th

4) Yanik Silver’s Underground Online 2012 – will be sometime in March in Washington, D.C. This is the one where EVERYONE goes…most just go to hang out and network.

5) The Early to Rise event that Matt Smith and I will be holding in Chicago on April 29th weekend, 2012. More details about that coming soon. It will be a larger event, 200-300 people over 2 days. And my good friend Bedros Keuilian will be speaking there as well.

That’s it for now. But if more events arise, I’ll let you know about them. Ryan Deiss might be having an event in January and that one will be worth it as well.

Bottom line: The people are out there, and they are not at the Chamber of Commerce or in a Country Club.

In fact, the people you want to know would:

a) Never want to be part of a country club
b) Never get accepted by a country club anyway

It’s still about who you know, but who you need to know has changed.

Great questions today, thank you.

Until next week, if you have a question, please post it on the blog here:

=> http://www.InternetIndependence.com

To your success,

Craig Ballantyne

“Don’t let people beat the passion out of you.” – John Williams