9 Secrets To Making Money As An Affiliate In A Product Launch

My partner was wrong, so terribly, terribly wrong and naive. But that’s what happens when you try to be clever and you do not follow my rules.

During my Home Workout Revolution launch in the Fall, one of my affiliate partners tried to be ‘clever’ and do something new.

They got burned and barely worked their way back into an affiliate contest that they could have won outright.

They emailed me to complain, “Info marketing is so unpredictable!”

I was quick to correct them.

Info is not UN-predictable.

I’ve been doing this – successfully – for over 10 years.

It is formulaic.

When you stray from the formula and think you can outsmart the system, that’s when it becomes unpredictable.

This is not unpredictable.

Just follow these 9 steps and you’ll succeed as an affiliate. You’ll get lots of commissions and it’s almost ALL profit! So just follow these steps.

Here’s what you do in a promo:

a) You mail as soon as it goes on sale.

b) You offer a bonus and sell it as hard as you sell the main product.

c) Prove why the product is different/better than everything else out there.

d) Pre-sell with your email & sell the click to get people to the sales page.

e) You make it clear that your readers should like and trust the person selling the product because you know them, you like them, you trust them, you learn from them, and you know that they will take care of your readers.

f) You remind people about your bonus. You continue to sell it.

g) You consider a 2nd mailing on Day 1. It’s a good idea, especially on shorter 3-day promotions.

h) On day 3, you push that deadline hard, for both the main product and your bonus. You send at least 2 emails, one at midnight and one in the late afternoon.

i) Continue to re-load your front-end between launches to make sure that you have plenty of customers for future promos and back-end sales.

You are like the undead. Or a mosquito. Either way, you need new blood – new customers – so that you can sell more products to them, when you have something of value, of course.

You big, bad, undead mosquito <= That’s YOU.

You don’t need to be clever or outside the box.

Study Joel Marion. Study Ryan Deiss. These guys sell EVERY day. They don’t try to be clever. They follow the formula.

They do what works.
So study them.

Return to the basics.

It is not rocket science.

Concentrate on what counts,

Craig Ballantyne
“Discover your uniqueness and learn to exploit it in the service of others, and you are guaranteed success, happiness, and prosperity.” – Larry Winget