2013 Breakthrough Plan

It’s time.

It’s time for you to shed any frustrations from 2012, to destroy the obstacles and bottlenecks in your way, and to create the best and biggest BREAKTHROUGH plan for 2013.

TODAY is the first day of the rest of your life. So don’t dwell on past mistakes because that will get you nowhere.

Instead, focus on what you can and WILL do today, tomorrow, and the rest of your life, and all of the great things that will happen because of your actions.

Don’t wait for the ‘time to be right’ (i.e. until it’s too late) to take action on your goals. Forget about “January 1st”. Start NOW.

If there’s something you really want to do – if there is a dream business you want to build or a change in life you need – then find a way to do it NOW.

Everything you do is either moving you closer to or farther away from your goals. Every action makes an impact.

Here’s the best place to get started.

Use this Vision Video to create your breakthrough plan here

That will give you your big breakout and breakthrough plan for 2013.

Q: Where do you look for inspiration? – Heather

Mostly my friends, like Matt Smith, Joel Marion, Isabel De Los Rios, John Romaniello, Vince Del Monte, Flavia Del Monte, Mike Whitfield, Bedros Keuilian, Adam Steer, Shaun Hadsall, Brad Pilon, Adam Campbell, Ben Pakulski, Rick Kaselj, Brian Kalakay, Catherine Gordon, etc., etc., AND my readers (through their questions,
transformations, and feedback). Pretty much everyone I can.

I shouldn’t forget all of the people that are in my Mastermind groups and those that have won my Transformation Contests. It’s amazing to see these great folks succeed and grow right in front of my eyes.

And you can too. Don’t forget to join the free ETR Contest here

Q: How do I get started with planning and being more productive? I
am always distracted by the computer, Ipod and devices. When I
remove those items, I seem to workout and waste time instead of
doing what I am supposed to do. – Ng

Get up 15 minutes earlier each day. Do 15 minutes of work first thing. Start with that. Slowly increase the time each week until you build up to 3 hours of uninterrupted work each morning. That is the secret to success.

Q: What is the maximum amount of revenue streams for the average
entrepreneur? In other words, at what point does diversifying generally just become ‘dabbling’ and become counterproductive? If that’s too vague, let’s say for someone with a goal of $100,000 yearly revenue. – Sean

Sean – For $100K, one. Just focus on one business. To be frank, if someone doesn’t have a business that generates $100K now, then they don’t have the experience and judgement to know what is a good opportunity.

Q: What’s your best tip for getting started on a writing session when you’re feeling … ambivalent? – Catherine

It all starts long before you sit down to write. Every article should have ideas written down before, and you should follow a formula like the one outlined here in “The One Best Way to Communicate“.

Q: How can I become a magazine writer? – Kim

First, study the magazine you want to write for. Then find the editor of the magazine and send them a few pitch ideas. Not full articles, just ideas. And practice writing articles in the style of that magazine. You should start a blog to post those articles.

Q: How did you initially approach magazines with article ideas? – Lee

My story is not a good one…I simply found Lou Schuler’s email online (he was the fitness editor of Men’s Health, and I sent him one of my workout newsletters. And then he published some of the tips that were in it. This does NOT happen 99.9% of the time.

Here’s what you should do:
1) Find the editors’s email.
2) Study the magazine and what they are looking for
3) Come up with 3-5 BIG ideas
4) Explain them in under 50 words
5) Send them to the editor.

Q: Craig, Too many commitments causes paralysis, any ideas how to take that first step. I spend lots of time planning and not so as much action. Distractions, everything a priority. – Marci

Marci – You need to watch the vision video again and then make a top 3 priority list and stick to it. We can’t be having this conversation every week. You also need to enter the ETR Transformation contest next wednesday. It will give you the 4 pillars of success to succeed. Finally. Stay strong, enjoy the holidays, get some rest, and let’s get you focused next week.

Q: Merry Christmas Craig. Thank you for all your efforts and help.
You don’t know how much you touch people’s lives. – Allan

Allan – Thank you, I’m very grateful for action takers like yourself. It’s why we created the $100,000 ETR Contest.

We want to help folks like you make big BREAKTHROUGHS in ALL areas of their lives.

It’s going to be HUGE!

Ok, time to go. Make sure to start your Transformation here

Anyone can win and it is free to enter,

Craig Ballantyne

Give away everything you know and it will come back to you many fold.