You Are a Genius!

Your brain is more complicated than any computer mankind has ever made. It has about 100 billion neurons — and each one is a little “learning center” capable of storing knowledge. Needless to say, most people barely scratch the surface when it comes to tapping into the potential of those neurons.

So, with such a tremendous tool at our disposal, what keeps so many from experiencing the opportunities it can create?

There are four simple barriers that can prevent you from finding your inner genius — if you let them.

1. Lack of belief.

Many people do not believe they can learn, master knowledge, or become “smart.” And, ultimately, if you do not believe it, you will not achieve it.

2. Lack of knowledge.

Many people choose not to access the sources of knowledge that are all around them — experiences, books, people, and other “knowledge dispensers.”

3. Lack of desire.

Some people simply do not have a passion to learn — perhaps because they do not see the positive impact that learning would have on their lives.

4. Lack of hard work.

Learning is hard work, and acquiring knowledge is an ongoing discipline that is never complete. I am getting on in years, and I am still learning. I am still doing the hard work to expand my mind. It would be easy to give up and coast, but I love the challenge of continuing to learn new things.

So how do you knock down these barriers?

1. Change your beliefs.

It is up to you to change your beliefs by feeding your mind with information. And when you do, you will be opening up new worlds — literally. The truth is that you have an amazing mind with a capacity for learning that is beyond your comprehension. You must believe this.

2. Get the right knowledge.

Words — if they are not true — are meaningless. Just because you heard someone say it or read it in a book doesn’t mean it is true. As learners, we want to get the right knowledge, not just opinions. It is our job to seek out information and then test it to see if it can be rightfully applied to our lives in order to make them better and help us succeed.

3. Become passionate about learning.

The only way to do this is to begin learning about things that have an immediate impact on your life. When you learn about a new financial concept that helps you earn money or get out of debt, for example, that will get you fired up. When you learn about a way to communicate that helps you sell more products, that will energize you. When you learn about how to interact with your family in a healthy way and your relationships get better, that will inspire you.

4. Discipline yourself through the hard work of study.

Until someone comes up with modules that can plug into your brain and give you instant knowledge, you are on your own when it comes to learning — and that takes work. The process of learning is a long one. Yes, we can speed it up, but you still need to read, listen, review, apply the knowledge, experience the outcomes, make readjustments, etc. Simply put, that takes time. Slowly but surely, though, if you discipline yourself to do it, you will learn.

The important point I want to make here is that learning is not only the key to your future, it is also possible to do it — no matter what your age. You are never too young or too old. Your mind was created to learn and has a huge capacity to do so. So make a commitment, today, to break through the barriers that have been holding you back, and unlock the potential of your mind.