World’s Least Expensive Investment Portfolio

In this week’s Insider, I’d like to try something a little different. I want to give you a second chance…

Let me explain.

Back in June, Michael Masterson told you about a new financial column we had introduced to members of our Liberty Street League newsletter.

As he said then:

“What is more fun than making an investment that doubles or triples or does what stocks sometimes do — makes you rich in a matter of months or even days?

“What is more gratifying than investing in an inside tip on a stock ‘set to soar’ and then making a pile of dough before the rest of the world even hears about it?

“It’s a sweet feeling, but it doesn’t happen enough. That’s because of the Catch 22 of investing: To make big returns, you have to take big risks.

“For 30 years, I’ve been trying to figure out a solution to this problem. How can I have the fun of landing those occasional windfalls without going broke in the process?

“A few months ago, as a consultant with the world’s most successful investment club, I came up with an idea. And if I do say so myself, I think it’s rather good.”

His idea was for the “World’s Least Expensive Investment Portfolio.” Written by investment researcher Christian Hill, it aims to identify companies on the cusp of making a big move. And it gives you the chance to see big potential winners from investment recommendations under $100. It’s kind of a “swing for the fences” approach with very low risk. Because you are investing only $100 at a time on a pick… that’s the most you can lose.

“It’s a way to play the market’s most profitable sector — microcaps and options — but without taking any serious risk. It’s amazingly simple,” said Michael.

At the beginning, the service was pretty much untested. It was backed up by the years of experience of its creators. But it hadn’t seen any real-world results.

That’s changed.

If you had taken Michael’s advice on June 12, and started following the advice in Christian’s column, your portfolio would now be up by nearly 41% overall… Check out these numbers:

  • Riverside Resources — This up and coming gold miner is up 87% since Christian’s initial recommendation in May 2010.
  • OmniVision Technologies — This company that specializes in digital imaging solutions for mobile phones, notebooks, netbooks, and webcams is up almost 67% since May 2010.
  • L-1 Identity Solutions — This leader in homeland security related technology is up 66% since June 2010, thanks to ongoing worldwide demand for technology to secure airports, borders, and military operations.

And now we are giving you another chance to profit big in 2011.

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