Why Try to Be Someone Else When You’re Already the Best at Being You?

Be You. Be Proud.

You don’t have to search hard to find copycats of the most popular gurus in the world.

And sure, the idea of copying others’ success is tempting. “They’re super successful so I can be, too,” you tell yourself.

But this is a faulty way of thinking. It might seem like a good idea at first, but it’s a disaster waiting to strike.  

Here’s why: Not only is it wrong (and sometimes illegal), but you’re setting yourself up for failure by being completely disingenuous. 

You’re removing the part of you that attract others to you—YOUR stories, struggles, wins, relationships, corks, hobbies, and the nuances that make you unique. 

These are at the root of healthy relationships. And it’s more important than ever now to show these to the world. 

Truth: People Crave (Authentic) Connection

Humans are smart. When we follow our gut instincts, we know who we can trust and who we can’t. 

I’m sure there have been times when someone did something to you, and you responded with frustration: “I knew I couldn’t trust them!”  

It’s because deep down you’re a good judge of character. Which means that the people who copy others and never develop a voice of their own can only go so far. 

Once they reach a certain level, they run out of bandwidth and can’t connect with the people around them. Why? Because they’ve put all of their energy into being someone else, so they don’t know how to relate organically as themselves. They’re wholly inauthentic. Fake.

Which is why you need to evolve as YOU. 

When you know what’s important to you, you’re able to shine a light on your own unique traits and values. By doing so, you attract others who feel and think the same way. 

This is one way influencers build organic relationships with other influential people. 

It’s also a powerful way to create a following around a brand or business.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you and I both have a similar product we’re selling. Our price, features, and benefits are the same. 

You’re smart and use personality and human connection in your marketing. You talk to customers and share your personal journey. 

I just run dry ads in the newspaper and put up “SALE” signs in my window.

Who do you think will be more profitable?

You will. Because you connected with your customers, earned their trust, and were rewarded with their loyalty.

You Are Unique, So Show It

We are all unique, carrying with us chapters of a story that no one else can tell. These are the stories that give you the chance to build a supportive tribe of followers and friends. 

In some cases, your support group can provide financial support for your business. As your friends, they provide social and moral backing. 

In both cases, however, these caring individuals have come to you because you share similar ideas, interests, or vision. Your outlooks on life are aligned, and you are both authentic.

This commonality is worth more than any profit margin in history.

When we tap into the commonalities of human existence, we can leverage some powerful possibility.

For instance, we all experience pain in our lives. And, at times, we feel like we’re the only people in the world who are suffering.

But in many cases, all we need is to hear from someone who has endured similar pain. The bond that’s formed from that mutuality is priceless, and can cement a relationship that lasts for the rest of your life. It can motivate us to reach out in support, to devise solutions to painful problems, to make our communities healthier, safer, happier places to live.

It’s no different in business. We reach out to customers who suffer with problems because we have a solution we want to offer. We share our own pains and problems with them, the collective drive to find a solution. And then, as rapport builds and their interest piques, we offer our solution.

This kind of connection can be a game-changer.

I don’t know where I heard this quote first, but it’s one that I’ll never forget: 

“Pain shared is pain divided and happiness shared is happiness multiplied.” 

Share the pain, spread the happiness, and offer solutions. Whatever your vision or mission, it will bring people closer to you. 

You Are The Difference-Maker 

Your past, present, and personality are what makes you stand out. 

This is what will help you build genuine connections in this world. 

How? Look into your personal life for interests and experiences you can share with others. Your favorite heroes, hobbies, sports you play, your dreams for the future. 

In business, these idiosyncrasies separate you from your competitors. Knowing and sharing your unique stories allows you to shine like the North Star.

The best part is, no one else in this world has taken the same journey, so no one can steal it from you.

Neil Gaiman said it best:

“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.” 

Be you. Be proud. Take a stand.

The same things that repel people who disagree with you will attract people who agree with you. 

And with that attraction, you’ll be energized to make lasting, positive change.

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Joey Percia

Joey Percia is a former fitness pro turned copywriter and marketing consultant. Now he writes, coaches, and consults for the same reputable coaches, brands, and companies he's looked up to for years. His rockstar clients are spread across many different industries, including dating, pharmacy, cannabis, habit-building, digital marketing, online business development, self-development, real estate, chiropractic, and of course, other health and fitness-related businesses. Learn more at joeypercia.com.