What’s Your Purpose?

Far too many entrepreneurs don’t keep their eye on the prize. They go to meetings, make phone calls, talk to staff and contractors… flying by the seat of their pants. They aren’t clear about the specific outcome they want from each of these interactions.

The solution? It’s simple. Before you start any activity, get into the habit of asking yourself “What do I want my outcome to be?” To make asking this question a habit, put visual reminders where you can’t miss them.

Write it in your daily schedule, on a Post-it on your desk, on an index card that you carry in your briefcase, and on a label on the bottom of your computer monitor. Constantly seeing these reminders makes it easy to develop a new way of thinking. And anything you do consistently quickly develops into a habit.

[Ed. Note: Rich Schefren’s businesses have done over $35 million in sales. A renowned business strategist, Rich coaches many of today’s top Internet gurus and service providers on streamlining their businesses while exploding their profits. Learn more at www.StrategicProfits.com.]