Whats the difference between Advertisement and Highly Recommended?

“My question relates to an advertisement that appeared recently in Early to Rise. I notice that many of ETR’s articles/ads are labeled as ‘Highly Recommended,’ but this one was labeled as ‘Advertisement.’ Does this mean that this product is not recommended by ETR? How does the recommendation process work? The ad I’m referring to was entitled ‘What George Bush was told behind closed doors.’”

Dave Brown

London, Ontario, Canada

Dear Dave,

We go through the vigorous process of physically reviewing every product that we recommend or advertise in ETR. In order for a product to be sold in ETR, it has to meet two primary criteria:

1. It has to be good for our subscribers – i.e., useful, valuable, and workable.

2. It must complement ETR’s core ideals and values.

We use the term “Highly Recommended” for a product that was created by ETR’s panel of experts or created specifically for ETR. We use the term “Advertisement” when the product was created by one of our partners.

Rest assured that we would never include any product in ETR if we did not stand behind it 100 percent.

I hope this clears things up for you!

Jessica Kurrle

ETR Marketing Manager

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