What You Need to Know Today: September 18

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“Girl Dumps Boyfriend, Then Begs Him Back After He Makes $362,259 From Fantasy Sports.” How great is this headline? Fantasy Sports are huuuge right now and you can bet there are guys who can relate to this advertorial. Maybe not making $300k (in their dreams), but definitely the girl-dumps-guy. To give you an idea of just how big Fantasy Sports are:

“Over the last week, DraftKings became America’s biggest TV advertiser, spending $20 million on more than 5,800 commercial airings… FanDuel has spent $20 million since Aug. 1, about the amount that one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks earns for an entire season,” says The Washington Post.

What’s really fascinating is how much money these Fantasy Sports websites are spending without any revenue. DraftKings CEO, Jason Robins says “…it’s the cost of doing business… The worst experience possible is you’re doing all this marketing and driving people to your website, and there’s nothing for them to play.” That last line is interesting. Read the full story.

Before you buy Amazon’s $50 tablet. Do you have Air Miles? Do you know why Air Miles cards are free? Think about how valuable knowing someone’s age and where they shop most frequently is for retailers. I’ve said it before, “You’re the product, if the product is free.” Amazon’s new $50 tablet is not “free” but there is a catch.

+ The truth about ad blocking software: Money and Power in Silicon Valley.

++ Can you guess what the most popular paid iPhone app is right now?


I have $75K in the bank. I’m 24. I want to retire by 30. How should I invest it? This was one of the most popular questions on Quora this week. And here’s the top answer.

What would you do? Share your answer in the comments below.

+ Five worst investing mistakes millennials can make.

How to get lucky this weekend. “She was 16, ditching a high-school typing class and drinking a Coke at a soda shop in Hollywood, when someone spotted how attractive she was. He recommended her to his Hollywood agent friend and soon she was in a movie. Gorgeous girl — right place at the right time — lucky,” says Nathan Kotny, CEO of Highrise and Engineer of Obama’s re-election campaign. I’m of the school that you make your own luck in life. To this day, when someone wishes me good luck, I think of that cheeky line from Recess, “Luck is for losers. Good luck to you.” 🙂 If you want to know how to make your own luck in life, here’s a great story that will teach you.

+ 131 actionable ideas from 10 books you’ve probably read or thinking about reading.


IKEA – ruining marriages since 1943. Maybe you’ve seen this story or you’ve experienced first hand what it’s like to be in a yelling match with your significant other while assembling your new couch. Don’t feel bad, even the best couples do it. One couple we can all learn from is Dani and Brittney Woodrum. I first met Dani at a fitness certification course in Lapeer, Mich., in 2013. Later that year I met his lovely wife Brittney at the Turbulence Training Fitness Summit, where I got to see first hand Dani and Britt cheering each other on during the push-up competitions. After seeing their enthusiasm and encouragement for one another, I thought “Damn! Relationship Goals.” Recently, I asked Dani if he could share some of his best tips for a happy relationship. Here’s what he sent me, enjoy!

+ Donna, what did the guy say at the miniature horse race?

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The Rugby World Cup starts today. Here’s what you need to know.

Next week, we’ll hear from one of the biggest rugby news website managers about info-marketing and facts you didn’t know about Rugby World Cup.

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